If you’re an Empire faithful, you’re familiar with V Bozeman, aka Veronica, whose vocals took us by storm on the “What is love?” single from the show. We got a chance to catch up with the LA songstress about her journey thus far. From fashion, to music, and hair, we covered it all.

Bozeman knew she wanted to sing from a very young age. She said, “Music is my first love, it chose me, and I have to submit to it.” Before her breakthrough on Empire, Bozeman was working with songwriter, Cee-Lo Green. During that time, she was introduced to record producer, Timbaland. She decided to reveal the visuals to her ‘Race Jones’ single, in order to get his opinion on the ballad, to which he was very impressed. So much so, he was compelled to pitch the songstress to Lee Daniels for his hit show, and the rest as you know, is history!

Rocking a bold bald ‘do has become the singers signature look. Though this is how we were introduced to her, Bozeman shares with us how she acquired her trademark look. “I had a full mane all my life, but along the way I’ve always been known to switch it up, but I never did it with my hair. I was in a girls group for so long, and when that ended, I just wanted to start over and grow a healthy mane. I never intended on going bald, but after I cut it off I was like, “I kinda wanna keep it for a minute!” She loved how her new cut made her feel and felt more comfortable with it than when she had hair; thus, her fierce persona was birthed.

She draws style inspiration from how she feels. “I’m not a person to follow trends, emulate, or imitate. I just do what I feel. I don’t like clothes to wear me, I like to wear my clothes.” She acknowledges that her bold appearance calls for less in order to create balance. One of her favorite brands is Gucci. She also loves vintage and mixing highs and lows from Zara & Topshop, saying, “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.”

In the spirit of women’s history month, we asked Bozeman what it means to be a woman within the music industry. She says, “It’s important to really be solid in our beliefs and represent in the best possible way we can. Women have raised me, and I’ve taken all the jewels that they have given me, and applied them throughout my life.” She believes that African American women, in particular, bear certain crosses that people will never understand. Therefore, it is important to tell our stories, and use our platform to inspire younger ladies, so they may carry on the legacy.

The songstress elaborates on her ideology of music. “Music should be soul music, things that touch your soul, that’s the difference between then and now. Now, there’s synthesis, it taints the real organic sound of somebody’s soul. You can’t hear it ‘cause all you hear is the computer and computers don’t have soul.” With the surge of emerging new artists, she is encouraged that a plethora of great music is on the horizon.

Next, Bozeman will be hosting an art gallery in LA, showcasing a variation of pictures and paintings that celebrate women, in honor of Women’s History Month. She tells us to look out for lots of drama coming our way via the new season of Empire. She’s working on a few movies set to release soon. Lastly, she is working on releasing a new album. “I’ve learned so much in these last few years, I’ve grown, I’ve become wiser. I’m getting back in the studio and pushing myself as hard as I can to get it all out.”

We wish you all the best and will be looking out for your soulful tunes!


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