A lot of people might wonder: What is Convos with Claire?

CWC started off as Cocktails with Claire: an opportunity for me to meet n greet some of the many fly and fashionable readers of Fashion Bomb Daily! Our first CWC was actually in Atlanta in 2013…

… and since then, we’ve had networking events in D.C., San Francisco, LA, New York, Lagos, Paris, London, and more.

At first our format was simple: just come, grab a cocktail, and have fun! But now, we’ve incorporated an empowering portion, where I have candid conversations with industry insiders, asking them how they got their start in the business, and gleening tips we can all use to inform our careers.

Having a great network is important–yes. But getting advice from people who have actually ‘made it’ in the industry, and having the opportunity to ask them questions is priceless!

This is what we offer to you with Convos with Claire. Knowledge and networking over food, drinks, and fashion. The dress code always adds an extra dose of fun.

So come on down to our next event in Atlanta on Saturday, October 13th from 2-7pm. The dress code is logo love!

I hope to see you there. Get your tickets here.