I’m excited to announce that I’m an Ambassador for Luxurious Credit!

The company, started by Arnita Johnson-Hall, is all about getting your finances in order in a fabulous way! During the course of our 9 month engagement, I plan on raising my credit score, saving, paying down debt, and getting on the right track to have all I want in life!

Johnson-Hall’s program begins with a Luxurious Lifestyle Planner, where you write down all your goals, bills, and money spending habits. The planner is meant to serve you throughout the year, and act as an accountability partner during your journey.

Johnson-Hall will be walking me through the process, and I’m super excited! Fashion is fabulous, but few of us discuss HOW to save money and HOW to buy responsibly.

I’ll be giving you all the tea, that will empower you to not just look money, but also have lots of money in your bank account!

More to come…
Love & Light,