This weekend the weather suddenly turned from pleasantly warm to uncomfortably chilly… …and I realized with disdain that it might be about time to get my fall wardrobe started.
While your old faithfuls from last year still work, you should make sure you renew with the following 5 fall essentials:
1. Fitted Blazer: Nothing pulls a look together like a sharp, tailored jacket.
Whether it’s in an eye catching color…


Has stylish detail…
…or is a bit more demure…

Popping a blazer over a white shirt or sweater and a pair of jeans is a consummate fall look. The key to a great blazer is fit, so make sure the buttons aren’t puckering over your bust. If you plan on investing, buy something in a neutral color like gray or black, in a seasonless wool.
A few options:

Top Row: Eloise Jacket, $108,, Taffeta Ruffle Collar Jacket, $60,
Bottom Row: Wool Herringbone Bella Jacket, $198,, Swing-Sleeve Tweed Jacket, $49,

2. Next up: Jeans in a Dark Wash.
Whether skinny and straight…

or high waisted….

.. .jeans in a dark rinse are slimming, and will work with anything from a pump to a boot.
Invest in a pair of traditional bootcuts or skinnys…
Seven Jeans Edie Jeans, $175,
And save on the trendy…

Blank High Waisted Jeans, $68,
And you’re all set!
3. Number three: Boots in a Neutral Color
Whether you rock a heel…
Or something more manageable…
…A cute leather boot adds style while keeping your toes toasty. Boots can be expensive, so expect to drop at least one hundred when you go shopping. Bonus: they’ll last for years to come!
My picks:

Top Row: Nine West Jemonia Boot, $189,, Frye Sunny Tall Cuff Boot, $298,
Bottom Row: Franco Sarto Tempest Boot, $142,
Metallic-Trim Cuff Boot, $89,
4. Ballet Flats. When those boots start to feel suffocating, you can give your feet a rest in a pair of cute ballet flats….
Kidada Jones is a fan…
They look painfully sophisticated whether paired with footless tights or skinny jeans. If you can only spring for one pair, I’d say go for an animal print or patent leather black:

Top Row: French Sole White Python Ingrid Flats, $78,, Shelly’s London Electra Ballet Flat, $45,
Bottom Row: Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flat, $195,, Sam Edelman Caroline Flats, $69,
5. Dresses.
The great thing about dresses is that they’re the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall. You can wear them alone for warmer temps, or bundle up in tights or a cardigan for more nippy temperatures.
Go for a babydoll…

classic shift….
or a modern wrap…
for added versatility.
My picks:

Top Row: Wool Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $119,, Abaete Olive Garbardine Marnie Dress, $144,
Bottom Row: Kenneth Cole Reaction Puff Sleeve Sweater Dress, $119,, Semantiks New Haven Plaid Dress, $128,
You’re autumn ready. So sad summer is over…
PS Hmm…so maybe Ms. Naomi C has had a few British Vogue covers…

I’m a bit confused… [dlisted]
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  1. LMAO @NAOMI….if in fact that is her on the cover of those magazines..then someone has been slapping her on a regular…unless its her twin.

  2. Claire,

    Has anybody else had problems looking at the page in Internet Explorer? Sometimes it says “Internet Explorer could not open the site. Operation aborted” and then it closes the page. I googled the problem and it said that I could just use firefox instead, and now I can view the page with no problems. Just wondering if you’ve been noticing a decline in page views or something. That could be the problem.


    P.S. I saw you in the October Issue of Essence!!!!!! Why haven’t you mentioned it? Congrats girly!!!!!!

  3. Hi Claire, First let me tell you that I love your blog and I have it listed as one of my favs! Also that I saw you and your article in the October Essence and it was interesting. I’ll definetly keep that article in mind since I am trying to lose a few pounds.

    But I wanted to ask you where can a girl with big calfs (Im also plus sized) find some chic yet affordable winter knee boots? I have such a hard time finding any boots that will fit me past my ankles.

  4. Good fashion picks! It is that time. I guess I will take you up on that blazer advice.You are absolutely right about that look.Can’t go Wrong!

  5. I didn’t know you were featured in essence either, but now I do. I’m going to get it just because of you! Congrats! Holla

  6. I kind of want to set the record straight on the so-called Naomi quote…where did it come from? Becuase if I remember correctly, she claimed she had never been on the cover of US Vogue, not the British Vogue….Maybe I’ve got my facts wrong, but that quote is not cited to anything so I’m wondering if that’s what she said. Why would she lie? It’s a well known fact she’s been on the British Vogue cover….

  7. And to Andrea, I sometimes have problems viewing as well, but the problem has been better over the past few days.

  8. I also have problems seeing the site in IE. I have to use Firefox. In IE I always get an error and the browser basically closes.

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