By:  Fashion Bomb Intern Kiara Mar’Lynn @thekitoyourstyle

Hey Bombshells and Bombers!! Happy Sunday to you All!

Today we have a special feature for our readers in light of the Holiday season. Many times when you see fashion features, they include everyday fashion. Most show street style photos or content that bloggers have specifically created to show what they wear to work, brunch, social events, and more. Today we want to include another group of fashion that is not always featured on blogs. That group of fashion is Fashion in the Churches.

Each Sunday many women and men across the world get dressed in their Sundays Best for a morning and/or afternoon of worship. Some churches have Revivals, Convocations, Spring Workers Meetings, Youth events, and more where there are a series of church events back to back. So instead of just a “Sunday’s Best”, you may see men and women getting dressed up for a week straight in some of their finest garments. Many pull out their best suits, dresses, shoes, hats, furs, fascinators, jewelry, and more. One thing that the black church is known for is the beautiful hats that are worn in our churches.

Today we just wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the Style that was shown at the Church of God in Christ’s 2018 Holy Convocation. The Holy Convocation took place in St. Louis, MO at The Dome at the America’s Center in the Downtown area.

The women looked stunning in their white for Women’s Day. Many wore custom clothing and added fur, hats, fans, clutches, lap scarves, fascinators, and shoes to compliment their outfits.

They also served looks in their black for Official Day and some of the other services.

The men definitely came through in their suits during the week as well from printed suits to solid black. Plaid was definitely a trend for the week and bow-ties. Lets not leave out the loafer game because lets be honest what is the perfect suit without the perfect shoe to match.

Next we have the couples that were styling and profiling as a unit. It is a different kind of a special when you can match your significant other.

Next we are taking a moment to appreciate the dresses that the women wore. Most wore custom made dresses and added the perfect hat, fascinator, clutch, and/or lap scarves.


There were many fur stoles, coats, hats, and headbands present during the week. The weather was cold and snowy so it was the perfect match.

Lastly, we have a few stylish group photos from the week. Some were family photos and others were friend groups.

We hope that we can start to highlight some of the fashion in the Churches more often. For the chance to be featured on our page, be sure to tag us @fashionbombnews and hashtag #fashionbombdaily #fashionbombnews and #fashionbombchurch. We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and had it in Style.