The Faby’s Awards 2020 Designer of the Year Anifa Mvuemba of Hanifa recently called out Pretty Little Thing for copying her design.

The fast fashion retailer created their version of her $229 Veronique blouse (that debuted during her groundbreaking virtual show Pink Label Congo) for only $55. She took to Twitter to write, “I normally don’t speak on these things, however Pretty Little Nothing is Trash for this.

Fast Fashion is known for creating the more budget friendly version of high end looks, from behemoth designers like Chloe to self funded operations like Hanifa. And while many are able to turn the other cheek when they score a dupe of a $700 boot for only $60 at Zara, it hits differently for designers who are making it happen on their own.

It’s not right, and it’s not ok, but sadly there is little recourse for designers, nor laws to protect them, as everything in fashion is about inspiration, and offering unique twists on established silhouettes.

As some said in our comments, Hanifa loyalists (myself included) will always go to the source, and never to the watered down version.

What say you?