There are four crucial things that make your college campus life pop: good friends, good parties, great fashion, and a stylish dorm room.  We are assuming that you have or will have the first three on lock sooner or later.  However, in case you’re struggling with the stylish dorm room part – we’ve got you covered.  Below are 10+ items that will give your dorm room edge and make it the ultimate meet up spot for those late night chill sessions.  Let ‘s get started below!

  1.  Neutral Colored Comforter, $119

First things first, you have to get a comforter to cover your bed.  Go with a neutral colored comforter like the gray one above so that you can easily decorate the rest of the room with any other color you’d like.

2.  Floor Mirror, $279

You have to see your full outfit when going to parties – I mean to class, right?  A modern full length mirror like the one above will accommodate your vain moments perfectly.

3.  Chic Shower Curtain, $89

Shower in style behind this graffiti curtain.  Throw a pop color in your bathroom decor to play off of the black and white design.

4.  Creative DIY Storage Boxes, $9.99

In most dorm rooms, there isn’t a lot of space to store all of your essentials.  Solve that minor issue by purchasing plain storage boxes and painting or drawing on them.  This allows you to create more space while displaying your artsy side.

5.  Colored Laundry Basket, $24.99

Everyone needs a laundry basket, why not get a colorful one that adds some spunk to your room?

6.  Bean Bag Chair, $39.99


Where are your guests going to sit when they come over to discuss English class, cute guys, and the latest fashions?  On this comfy bean bag!  Duh!

7.  Decorative Pillow, $29

Pillows say it all.  Throw this on your bed to add some flair to your resting spot.

8.  Throw Rug, $19.99

A throw rug that can be used on the floor and on your bed is perfect for elevating your dorm room decor.  It gives your spot that fancy feel without busting your pockets.

9.  Stylish Desk Lamp, $50.20

Cute lamps are a must when it comes to decorating.  Reading time is so much more enjoyable when it involves a stylish lamp!

10.  Photo Hanger, $19.99

Get creative and hang your pictures on strings.  This is a cute and contemporary way to collect your most memorable college moments.  It also allows you to hang as many pictures as possible without putting holes in the dorm room wall.

11.  Bedroom Lights, $9.99

Light up your room with these fund bedroom lights.  Give your dorm a magical feel so that you can look forward to returning to your spot after a long day.

There you have it – 11 ways to turn your dorm from drab to faddish.  Which decor tactic will you be using?