Hey Y’all!
I’m fresh off a plane to Paris, and am going to get my jet lagged booty to bed!
If you still need your fashion, beauty, and gossip fix, check out the following sites–they’re the bomb!
* JC Report lists the world’s top five must stop shops:


*The YBF brings the gossip, exclusively reporting that Eva and Lance Gross are now engaged
*Fashionista thinks Beyonce’s Diva video is a recreation of Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2009 Show:
*And Scandalous Beauty gives the scoop on After Christmas beauty sales!

I’ll be back in fine form tomorrow:)

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    What happened to that link you put up of that other site’s CLEANING OUT YOUR CLOSET blog? I didn’t get to save it and I came back for it and now it’s gone. Could you do us a big favor and put it back up. Thx.

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