Happy Friday all! Being surrounded by New York street style this week, I’ve been so inspired by women and men’s wear! Let’s check out Michael Morgon from Long Island, and see if he’s Bomber material:


He says, “My name is Michael Morgon, I am a fashion student/blogger from Long Island, New York.”Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-11 “My style is extremely versatile depending on my mood and itinerary for the day.” Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-10“One day you may catch me in some shredded denim jeans paired with a distressed band tee, and the next day a 3 piece designer suit with a pocket square, lapel pin and a chrome tie bar to help slay the look!”Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-9 “There is absolutely no limits when it comes to shopping! Many of my pieces are from places you’d never even expect a Fashion bomber to be seen in!”Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-8 “With NYC being in my backyard, options are limitless.”Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-7 “This just goes to show, it’s not about who you wear, it’s how you slay it!”


Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-6I couldn’t agree more! Let’s check out more photos Michael sent in:Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-5Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-4Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-3Michael-from-Long-Island-Bomber-1

Go Bomber! I love how you mix various pieces to bring that polished look, and I’m just a huge fan of men in pink. Work it! You guys can check Michael out on IG: michaelmorgon or his blog, michaelmorgon.com. So what do you guys think of Michael’s style?



What do you think of Michael from Long Island?

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