Earlier, eyewear used to be a tool meant for assisting users with better vision, but now the definition and purpose of eyewear have been changed. People now consider eyewear more as a fashion statement than mere medical equipment for correcting vision. This change has given rise to trends in the eyeglass segment as well. 

Every year we see some different and unique glasses that set the trend for the year. However, there are some styles of glasses that never go out of fashion, and people love to wear them wherever they go. 

The eyewear market is full of exciting and new designs of frames, yet it is not that easy to just pick up any glass and wear it. To solve that problem, we are going to talk about the top trends in stylish glasses so that you always look trendy and stylish. 

Horn Rims 

These glasses are perfect for those who want a formal look and have high cheekbones and an oval face. The rectangular horn-rimmed glasses will make you look perfect for your office meetings or an important interview. 

Just choose a dark shade of horn-rimmed glasses to pair with a suit. Enhance your look instantly with trendy eyewear and gain confidence in your looks. 

Beige Unisex 

Beige glasses are well suited for casual gatherings. The beige-colored glasses are popularly known as sand, honey, or wheat-colored glasses in the layman’s language.  

Why are these preferable? There are multiple unisex glasses, but one with beige color will make you look more graceful and amazing. It suits almost every complexion. These are one of the most stylish glasses to attend house parties or hang out with your friends. 


Tortoiseshell is one of the most loved eyeglasses in the men’s category. The beautiful tortoiseshell pattern makes it more appealing to choose and wear.

It is always suggested to choose a frame shape according to the shape of your face with a tortoiseshell pattern. Brown and orange are the most common colors in tortoise shell glasses, but you can choose other combinations as well. 

Light Like Feathers

These glasses are for those who don’t want to feel any weight on their nose. Thin rimmed frames are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

If you are looking for stylish glasses to wear every day, then you can go for feather-light glasses without any doubt. These glasses are usually available in multiple colors and different shapes of frames to choose from. 

Brow-Line Glasses 

If you want to try a combination of different frames, then try these brow-line frames. These frames have a variety of options, from tortoiseshell to metal frames. Open lenses from the bottom and frame covering the eyebrows from the top creates the unique look of these glasses.

Clear Frames 

Do you want a subtle and classic-looking glass? If your answer is yes, then clear frames are made for you. No design, no colors are indeed the best way to grab everyone’s attention and make you look different in a group. 

Clear frames are available in all frame shapes, from round to rectangular to choose from, on the basis of your face shape. 

Environment Friendly 

Wearing something that can help in sustaining the environment can prove to be worth the purchase. Environment-friendly glasses are getting high popularity around the globe. These glasses are either made from recyclable steel for metal rims or castor oils for plastic rims. 

It is not the best option to choose glasses that can contribute to your fashion sense but will not harm nature, so choose wisely. Many people are giving it a try, and you can also take this small step towards conserving nature. 

Round Frames 

Round frames have been one of the most trendy glasses for men for a long time now. You must have seen actors wearing these frames in retro movies. Yes! The trend started back then. 

Round frames are a wonderful pick if you want to add a classic and retro look to your personality. Metal golden round frames with thin rims will look perfect on a rectangular masculine face. An incredible look for the clubs and parties. 

Make your choice!

Choosing an eyeglass that can add value to your personality is not an easy task at all. However, to avoid confusion, you can go with the ongoing trend and give yourself a wonderful makeover. Just never choose a glass that doesn’t suit your face shape.