Dressing in a stylish and chic manner is a skill that is tough to master for many. It is unanimously acknowledged that fashion is fun and it needn’t be a form of science. But when it comes to choosing the right clothes and creating a stylish look, many of us are big failures. You may have chosen your outfit and you fit into it perfectly but there’s something missing. While it is true that accessories complete the look, how many of us know the tricks of selecting the right accessories?

Since we live in an era of too many fashion rules, it is vital to know a bit about fashion and style so that we can smartly avoid a fashion faux pas. Hence, choosing your outfits according to your wish and being comfortable in your own skin are the key to avert styling errors. Here is a list of the fashion and styling tips every woman should follow.

Are you ready to refresh and organize your wardrobe?

Are you looking forward to dressing in a spirited manner? If yes, the foremost task to do is refresh your wardrobe. Do you think you can create a stylish outfit if you don’t have any idea of what you own? Hence, declutter your wardrobe, sell of or donate things that you don’t love or wear. Once they are done, organize the rest of the items properly so that you know which to team up with. If you wish to visualize the entire outfit, invest in a shoe rack so that you can plan your footwear along with your dress. An organized closet will give you an inspiring feel. 

Do your clothes fit your body perfectly?

Choosing an outfit is different and making it fit your body and enhance your proportions is a different thing altogether. Hiring a good tailor can give any dress an amazing look. Wearing the best fitted tailored clothing will not only give you a comfortable feel but also a polished look. Plus size clothing that bunch up around your waist awkwardly or pants that drag on to the ground won’t make you feel stylish. So, instead of wearing under and over-sized outfits, get yourself a tailor. 

Are you aware of how to balance your upper wear with your lower wear?

What do you mean by balancing proportions? Well, it is everything about styling your outfits to design an overall aesthetic harmony. What is the best way to accomplish this? By wearing clothes that fit in with your body shape, you can balance proportions. In case you wish to play with unusual shapes and oversized clothes, try to create a fashion statement by maintaining a fitted look in the remaining part. For instance, you can pair a wide-legged jeans with a snugly-fitted crop top.

Did you already find out your personal style or your signature fashion statement?

Yes, we know that it takes several years to develop a signature style statement but you can start off by designing a mood board. You can’t forget the basic fact that your personal style is nothing but an experiment and you take several years to understand which style brings out the best in you. You’d never know how you’ll look in various dresses unless you enter the dressing room. Invest your time and energy to play with shapes and colors so that you may derive what looks great on you.

How about adding a belt to your outfits?

Adding a belt to your outfit can give you a put-together look. This is also a hack for regaining balance to an outfit that would otherwise not work. For instance, you can wear an over-sized cashmere sweater and team it up with a belt to give it a suave look.

So, now that you have unleashed your inner fashionista, what are you waiting for? Give your wardrobe a major overhaul and enhance your style statement.