All bodies are beautiful. All sizes are beautiful. Be it small, large or XXXL, it’s all normal. There is nothing called too thin or too fat! Society and the mindset is changing for the better. With that being said, it is more important to love your own bodies rather than worrying about what others think. All sizes look pretty on you. Body positivity is one of the most important things that need focus nowadays. The notion of people being worried about being skinny or fat must be ended. Everybody deserves to be loved, and every piece of clothing is made with love, to love! In the earlier times, it was hard to find plus size clothing, and people had to get it custom made, but with changes in the fashion industry, plus size clothing is now becoming readily available and is also being celebrated! Many designers and brands have promoted body positivity and embraced plus size clothing. Many plus size clothing stores have come to the market, both offline and online! Unlike the old times, plus size clothing is now easily available to everyone and that too, with a huge variety. Many online stores also have plus size clothing with a variety of options to choose from, which makes it easier for people to buy plus size at the comfort of their couch. Many prominent and well known brands like Kohls, Belk and Shein also have their plus size clothing line! What’s more? You can even redeem the currently active Belk coupons online to slash down your bills by up to 50%. By shopping online, customers can shop easily and save more time and money.  

If you’re worrying about the brands and trends in plus size clothing, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the exclusive plus size clothing brands and trends for 2021:

•Flowy dresses trend- Plus size fashion is very unique and stylish. Every type of clothing can be worn in plus size. It’s true that not all dresses are available for plus size because of the look and style may not suit the body type, but flowy dresses are considered the best for people who wear plus size. It’s mainly because these dresses are easy to make and the sizes fit nicely without any hassle. Flowy dresses look so pretty on every one, especially the plus size. They add more grace to this body type, and also help people more confident and body positive. When paired with sneakers, flowy dresses give an amazing unmatched look! It’s also said that whenever you’re in doubt, wear a flowy dress. It is because these dresses are casual, retro, vibrant, elegant and classy, all at the same time! Flowy dresses are easily available at all stores and are available in a wide range with amazing designs to choose from.

•Oversized clothes- People who wear plus sized clothing feel more comfortable in clothes that aren’t very tight fitted. Oversized clothes give more air to the skin for breathing and they are the most comfortable type of clothing ever made! Oversized clothes are now so much in trend that everybody tends to wear oversized clothes rather than skinny fits nowadays. Oversized clothing aesthetic works for all body types regardless. For winters, oversized hoodies, sweatshirts and blazers work wonders, whereas for summers, oversized Tees, and relaxed pants are more like it! Oversized clothing isn’t very hard to find. Online stores like shein and belk offer almost all sizes in clothing making it easier for all customers to get the desired fit! Lucrative deals and astounding rebates are scattered all across cyberspace with stores such as Target, Macy’s, Kohl’sOld Navy offering discounts ranging up to 70% on a wide array of plus size clothing. 

•Crops and cut out tops- Crop tops and cut out tops never go out of style. Flaunting a little skin never hurt somebody! Crop tops have been in trend for years now. Crop tops are available for all sizes and body types, and they look flawless on each one of them. Tight crops and relaxed fit crops, both are very stylish and look trendy. Plus size clothing often tends to have relaxed fit crops to make the person feel more secure and body positive in their own skin wearing it. Crop tops are the most popular type of clothing so they can be bought from any store and market. They aren’t very expensive either, but with the added benefit of discounts and deals in online shopping, it feels more affordable to shop from online platforms like H&M, Ashley Stewart & more

•Corsets- Corsets can be paired with any outfit. Be it ethnic, classy, party wear or casual, corsets work with everything. Corsets can be worn simply as they are or can be paired with shirts, shrugs, skirts, pants, etc. Corsets can be worn with layering too! Corsets are recommended for people who wear plus size because they give a statement look to all the outfits. Corsets are a must have for your wardrobe. Corsets aren’t available in all sizes everywhere in the markets but they can readily be bought online through online stores and apps.

•Skirts- All types of skirts suit all body types. Skirts are the most stylish and trendy types of bottoms than give a very fashionable look to any top wear. Skirts can be long, short, and mini. Skirt types are available everywhere, starting from pencil skirts, all the way to flowy skirts. Plus size body type is readily suited to skirts. It is because skirts like flowy skirts, tennis skirts, or pleated skirts make people feel very comfortable and give a very bold and confident look. Skirts can be worn with all types of tops and can be paired with literally anything. From formal to casual, skirts are the go to bottom wear! Skirts are available in free size and plus size almost everywhere. But the best place to buy trendy skirts is Shein. Shein not only has a wide range of clothing, but its offers make shopping very budget friendly.

Online shopping may seem doubtful considering the quality of clothes, but some brands and stores offer amazing quality clothing online which are not to be missed. Finding your fav dress or outfit online is way easier and less time consuming than putting the effort to roam around the markets and all the stores. The idea of finding the perfect outfit with one click is as pleasing as it sounds. The offers don’t stay for long, so don’t think twice and get your favourite outfit easily by shopping online!