Fashion, in terms of your wardrobe, is so diverse with different trends every new season. And so, many of us set off on our sacred fashion journey, every few months looking for pieces that will make us shine. 


However, it is important to remember that Trends are ephemeral and leave with a whimper, only to be replaced very soon by the latest sartorial novelty. These “trendy” new items we purchase then sit in our closet collecting dust once their time is up. 


Wardrobe staples on the other hand are timeless and versatile. They never go out of style, no matter what may be strutting its way on the runway. These wardrobe staples help you nor only save money but allow you to build your own sense of style with time. Hence, having a few closet essentials is absolutely vital for a complete, timeless wardrobe. Even though there are many such staples, four major ones are mentioned below. 

A Blazer 

A classic blazer can be a true workhorse in any wardrobe, regardless of the taste or era. Its versatility is what makes it a timeless piece. 


A blazer can be dressed up or down quite easily without the need for doing much because whatever or however you wear it, it will stand out. You need an extra something to pull together an outfit for an important job interview? Blazer. Going to an art gallery or just have plans to get wrecked during happy hour? Blazer again! 


It also acts as splendid outerwear and the ideal cover-up when the temperature isn’t as cold but not quite warm enough either. It can be paired up with a plethora of clothing pieces to add an extra oomph to them. 

Your Favourite Blue Jeans

Jeans are by far the most worn item of clothing and for good reason. They are comfortable, available in different styles, designs, and shapes, and complement pretty much anything that’s worn with them. 


However, having a pair of old faithful blue jeans fills your heart like no other. They are, undoubtedly, a daytime staple and the epitome of timeless fashion as it can be worn no matter the occasion. Whether it be an office party, a baby shower, or just a casual Tuesday, you can always depend on a pair of blue jeans to pull through every time. 


It is recommended, however, to find a blue jeans fit that flatters your shape, from a wide variety of diverse options, and stick to it. 

A Crisp White Tee

Well, it doesn’t get more basic than this. White tees have been around since forever and they’re not going away anytime soon. This perennial favorite is essential to any diverse, timeless wardrobe. It may be low-key but it can be paired up with a number of different clothing items to form different stylish attires each time. You can wear it with jeans, tucked into a skirt, under a slip dress, or even layer it with a plaid blazer. With this classic piece in your wardrobe, your outfits will always remain current. 

A Pair Of Sneakers

Minimalist white sneakers are a classic that can and hopefully never will go out of style. 


White sneakers look clean and sharp, elevating your entire outfit to a different level. They represent the pinnacle of a casual hip look or streetwear and have dominated footwear fashion. Part of their appeal is in their versatility as they look phenomenal paired with jeans, summery dresses, cardigans, etc. They can even be used to dress down formal outfits by pairing up sneakers with a formal suit look. 


White sneakers can be easily purchased as plenty of brands offer them. If you’re currently in the search for some new kicks, use StockX promo codes to benefit from discounts on some major footwear fashion brands.