Kellie Bowman is a Celebrity Nurse, Owner of Sebi’s Daughters, and the daughter of the late Dr Sebi. She has worked with several celebrities providing services such as; wellness coaching, nutrition, personal meal shopping, checking vitals, and much more. She also offers services to travel with clients on tours, television appearances, and live events. 

Besides providing general health tips by occasionally going Live on Social Media, Kellie has utilized her platform to showcase her love of all things fashion. It is an extension of her. Whether she is rocking her brightly colored fedoras on her IG Lives or her neon dresses in photo shoots, Kellie will always make a statement with whatever she wears. 

Kellie always keeps her fans in the loop of how they can step up their health game. Her focus has been to teach her clients on how to stay clear of Covid if possible, and the importance of Fruit Hydration and Blood Sugar. Kellie also gives tips and pointers on what foods women can incorporate into their diet that will give them energy and keep them healthy.

The daughter of the late Dr. Sebi, Kellie Bowman and granddaughter are seen at Tiffany and Co. in Atlanta, GA for a private event. Kellie takes pride in teaching her daughter the ins and outs of distributing and informing others of the benefits of Seamoss across the United States and abroad, while dropping gems of wisdom from her fathers legacy.

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