The BET Awards went down last night at the Staples Center in LA! And while there were many ‘Bomb’ looks that cascaded down the blue carpet

… it seemed that many of you felt the overall style was more Hmm…than Hot!

@ChampagneStyyle wrote, “These BET Awards are looking like Fashion Nova,” @.Anglin decreed, “All these red carpet looks have been extremely disappointing…“, and @SadimsLady typed, “I’m disappointed in most of the looks I’ve seen thus far 😐”

You guys are a tough crowd: this we know! But maybe it’s time for the BET Awards to have a style intervention? Some of you may remember when Anna Wintour revamped the Tony Awards back in 2014.

After calling the red carpet a ‘disaster,’ she partnered with Costume Designer William Ivey Long to change the backdrops, populate the guest list with models, and gently offer her input on people’s looks (we don’t know the inner workings of the process, but it seems as if maybe celebs had to ‘ok’ their looks with Anna before they hit the red carpet). Look at Condola Rashad’s glow up from 2012 to 2017 (Images c/o Getty via Who What Wear).

Condola Rashad at the Tony Awards in 2012 Image: Getty
Condola Rashad at the Tony Awards in 2017 Image: Getty


While the BET Awards might not need that level of hand holding, would it hurt to at the very least insist on a uniform color scheme or provide people some guidelines so that they look their very best for their big moment?

What do you think? Should the BET Awards implement a dress code? Do they need a style intervention?

Images: Getty

*Hey BET, thank us later. And if you make a change next year, maybe just give us a little shout out:)