I was over at Glamour’s blog, and came across a good discussion they were having over the definition of plus sized:


In a photo shoot, they featured a woman they called plus sized who was actually a size 10– ‘real sized’ by most standards.

We’ve come across the same discussion before in a Plus Sized Style Spotlight about former ANTMer Toccara.


Readers were upset that we classified her as plus size saying, “Tocarra is NOT a plus size model. Tocarra is like a size 6 haha. She just has big knockers. But Im a big girl and I wear a 16…that’s plus size to us real women.”


Bold and Beautiful said, “I don’t think she is plus size anymore. Just my opinion,” and BRG said, “I don’t see anything plus sized about Toccara.”

In Hollywood, is everyone above a 6 considered ‘plus sized’?


And if that’s the case, aren’t we all plus sized?

9 thoughts on “Discussion: What Do You Consider Plus Sized?”

  1. Toccara is soooo not plus sized anymore. She USED to rep for the big girls, but she got a lil money coming in and a great trainer and I’m not mad at her. I think she looks great!

    However, I think that plus sized in Hollywood is anything size 8 and over. In the real world, anything size 14 and over is plus size.

    In the end though, as long as you rock your style, WHATSINEVA your size, you should rock it to the best of your ability. Get ’em!

  2. toccara is so not a size six. try a nine at the least. but ne way i digress. She is considered big for her industry. Us women of color know that our aunties, mommas, and grandmas are all over a size ten so that is not plus size within our community. I think she is gorgeous regardless of her size. She’s my girl and she gives great energy. As far as plus size goes i think like all other things in fashion its relative.

  3. In my humble opinion, anything over size 16 is plus sized in the real world.
    Hollywood is not real, so no one in the real world should try to live up to that standard, because some women will never be a size 2.

    So to all the fly females out there: Do You …the best that you can.

  4. On the catwalk anything over a size 10 (and in some instances a 6 or an 8) is plus-sized. On the sidewalk anything over a size 16 :)

    Plus-sized or not, you have to love what you got and appreciate that we all come in different shapes and sizes.

  5. Plus size in hollywood, is not really plus size in the real world! there is really nothing about toccara that is plus size she is just bigger in the breast area, and her body is not really that proportioned because she really is like a size 6…not that that is a bad thing she is very beautiful, but realistically hollywood is brainwashing people, and im so sick of what they call plus size! I am 5’5 135 pounds and i have to shop in the plus size section for jeans because when i go to a store like “forever 21” i cant wear a 7/8, 9/10 the size i would normally be in because they make it according to stereo types and lets just face it black women are built a little different..its so sad that if your 5’5 135 pounds with a booty your considered plus size! What has the world come to!!!

  6. I don’t think plus-sized should be about clothing sizes. Some people who are really tall or have larger frames might wear a size 10 and still be thin, while others with more petite frames could be fat in a size 6. It’s all about how fit you are and what you look like. Toccara is NOT plus sized anymore- omg what happened to her! She still looks good, though. If we became more accepting that beauty doesn’t always look exactly the same, and that there’s a variety of body types that look good, we wouldn’t even need to be having this discussion!

  7. Whitney, whats wrong with being labeled “curvy”? You used worst of all as if it were a bad thing :-/ I consider myself curvy (bigger chest, smaller waist, and bottom heavy)like every other women in my family and I dont see anything wrong with the label.

  8. I think people should consider their words a little more before they offer them to the public. I’m a size 2 and I am a real woman thank you very much. I’m not saying everyone should be a size two or can be for that matter. But I am healthy and I love my body. I don’t starve myself to be thin, I don’t worth about it 24/7. But I treat it with respect by working out semi-regularly and eating right (well I try too anyway.) I think that there should be no plus-sized term. As long as you are healthy then you are perfect-sized. But most people confuse the term healthy with being the opposite of sick. You don’t have to be sick to be unhealthy. An unhealthy lifestyle (and I’m talking about any size, skinny, average, and large) is someone who is unhealthy. So if you are starving yourself or drinking soft drinks every day then you are unhealthy regardless of how you feel, because eventually it will catch up to you physically. So instead of everyone trying to be skinny, or curvy, or this, or that.. They should jut try to be healthy (and I say try because it is hard.)

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