I was over at Glamour’s blog, and came across a good discussion they were having over the definition of plus sized:


In a photo shoot, they featured a woman they called plus sized who was actually a size 10– ‘real sized’ by most standards.

We’ve come across the same discussion before in a Plus Sized Style Spotlight about former ANTMer Toccara.


Readers were upset that we classified her as plus size saying, “Tocarra is NOT a plus size model. Tocarra is like a size 6 haha. She just has big knockers. But Im a big girl and I wear a 16…that’s plus size to us real women.”


Bold and Beautiful said, “I don’t think she is plus size anymore. Just my opinion,” and BRG said, “I don’t see anything plus sized about Toccara.”

In Hollywood, is everyone above a 6 considered ‘plus sized’?


And if that’s the case, aren’t we all plus sized?