It can be difficult to keep up with the new trends in the jewelry industry. While certain styles reign as the most popular options, others have made surprising jumps into mainstream diamond buying.

We’ve hand-picked our favorite diamond shapes for 2020 and with this information as a guide, you can find the perfect ring! Here are the diamond shapes we love this year!

Emerald Diamonds

Emerald shaped diamonds are known for their distinctive rectangular shape. The sides of these stones are cut in a step-like pattern which gives the illusion of dimension — it’s easy to get lost in the depths of an emerald-shaped diamond.

What to Know About the 4 Cs of Emerald Shaped Diamonds

  • Cut – Emerald diamonds are part of the fancy shape family, so they do not receive a cut grade. However, the shape of emerald diamonds are made to create an effect that mimics the depth of mirrors reflecting one another.
  • Clarity – This cut is prone to showing any imperfections or blemishes, so keep an eye out for a ring with a high clarity rating. 
  • Color – If you want a “purer” look, choose a high color grade, because emerald-shaped diamonds show warm colors quite easily.
  • Carat – This cut is suitable for smaller diamonds as it is designed to look larger than it actually is!

Oval Diamonds

Oval-shaped diamonds are known for their lengthened round shape. Oval engagement rings are perfect for anyone seeking a classic and bold look all at once. This diamond shape pairs well with other shapes, but can also make a statement on its own.

What to Know About the 4 Cs of Oval-Shaped Diamonds

  • Cut – Oval-shaped diamonds are considered a ‘fancy shape’, so they will not have a cut grade.
  • Clarity – If your chosen stone features some blemishes, this cut may be perfect as it hides blemishes well.
  • Color – Oval-shaped diamonds show colors, so if you are looking to avoid a warm-toned stone, choose one with a higher color grade.
  • Carat – These stones are made to look larger than they actually are. You can get the most out of a smaller stone by utilizing this cut.

Pear Diamonds

This diamond stone shape is unique in that it combines both round and pointed elements to create a bold and delicate look. These rings are often paired with other stones to highlight the quality of the center stone. However, pear-shaped diamonds can be perfect for the minimalist who prefers a solitaire ring.

What to Know About the 4 Cs of Pear-Shaped Diamonds

  • Cut – This stone shape is also a fancy shape, so it will not have a cut grade.
  • Clarity – Similar to oval-shaped stones, pear-shaped diamonds don’t hide blemishes well.
  • Color – This shape isn’t great for hiding warmer-toned stones, we suggest staying above ‘H’ or ‘G’ color grades.
  • Carat – This cut requires a good-sized stone to achieve its classic elongated look.

Round-Shaped Diamonds

Classic. Gorgeous. Sparkly. Round-shaped diamonds are all of these, and they are a perfect match for anyone who prefers a more traditional look. They are also a perfect solitaire option and can certainly stand out. 

What to Know About the 4 Cs of Round-Shaped Diamonds

  • Cut – If you want to maximize brilliance, go for excellent or very good cut quality.
  • Clarity  This diamond shape will not hide blemishes well.
  • Color – Warmer-toned diamonds don’t stick out as much in round-shaped diamonds because they reflect a lot of light.
  • Carat – This cut makes diamonds look true-to-size.

Final Thoughts

That said, it can be challenging to settle on a diamond shape with things constantly changing! If you keep current with new styles and trends, you can find a diamond shape that will stay in fashion for a long time to come.