Today we have a designer dispatch from LA! Introducing Perry White, and brand whose mission is to, “provide the multi dimensional woman or man with adaptive wearables that allow the individual to flow through the day with effortless ease.”

Design was always in Perry White’s blood. He says, I was bitten by the design bug at a very young age, as a small child I would watch my mom as she made clothing for private clients as a means of supporting our family. I remember being fascinated as I watched her crafting garments and would try to mimic what she was doing. She would give me her leftover scraps, a sewing needle and thread and allow me to “live out my dreams.” Fast forward a few years, as a teen, I became known as the kid in the Neighborhood that could make cloths and was once of referred to as a fashion designer. I had no I what that was but I loved the sound of it and once I found out the meaning I knew what I born to do.”

He continues, “The Perry White customer is about fashion and functionality, they are the individuals that believe that the garments that you wear must not only make a statement of confidence and self awareness but must also speak to conciseness of the times that we live in.”

Tap Mr. White for everything form latex garment to red carpet ready gowns (Cookie Johnson is a fan).

White continues, “The Perry White brand is different from other clothing companies in that I have dedicated much of my design career to customizing clothing for private clients, and I try to bring that experience to my online customer base, in that we are able to cut and sew garments that are out of stock, right in our design studio, in an effort to go above and beyond and keep out “clients” happy, and wardrobes them in the Perry White Styles that want to purchase regardless of the season.”

Sounds bomb! See more and purchase at
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