When a shopper goes out to purchase handbags, especially designer bags it is a happy time. After all, designer bags are well made and beautiful. There is such a large selection of designer houses. Some designers have identifiable styles, colors, patterns, materials, and a uniqueness that is highly popular. Take handbags from Couture USA, as an example. While a handbag might be pricey, it is exciting, stylish, and a status symbol for ladies. Who doesn’t like to stand in front of one of the best over the door mirrors and gain confidence with a great-looking handbag? The problem is how can you be sure, you are getting the real thing? There are so many fakes, copies, and fraudulent bags;it is getting harder to distinguish if you have purchased the real gem. The responsibility of the buyer is to do a little homework before purchasing it- you do not want to be hoodwinked. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques used to make sure you got the real McCoy! By using the techniques below, you will not have to wonder why the unfortunate event of fake handbags can ruin your shopping happiness! Caveat emptor, or buyer beware- are words to the wise.

● First, never be rushed into a purchase. Make sure you have ample time to look over the bag. Always buy from a reputable store, outlet, or designer house. They will have a return policy, and back up their quality sales. This is important.

● Buying directly from a designer house or outlet sometimes offers you extraordinary benefits. Some designers offer a lifetime guarantee on their handbags. You can often go in and have the handles replaced, and stitching reinforced. This means they stand behind their product.

● Another key item to note, is that fraudulent handbag makers are now getting better at copying the outside of the handbags. This creates a shift of focus on the interior portion of the bag. Handbags from Couture USA should have a smooth cotton inside which is flexible.

● Have you ever logged onto Ebay, and noticed something strange? Ebay will often have auctions that do not seem copacetic. A designer bag will be put on auction starting at one penny. This type of a gamble is far fetched, and might very well be a warning the bag is not authentic.

● Now, watch out for the mode of purchase on fake handbags! The important thing to look out for is that if the purchase is not credible, the seller will not want you to pay with PayPal or a credit card. They do not want to afford you the process of a refund or recourse. This should be a red light.

● Ladies, you must remember that when purchasing that delightful handbag of your dreams to take a good look at the leathery outside. A true handbag made of one hundred percent leather from a cow, will usually not be less than $50! The fake dealers might be selling you what is known as PV, which is shiny, a bit hard, and the color will peel off after awhile.

● Be alert to the hardware on a designer bag from Couture. The metal chains that go over your shoulder should not be lightweight, but a bit heavy. They should not be painted a shiny gold, as well. The fraudulent manufacturers often substitute metals, to make it look real, but the weight or mass of the bag will be off.

● Beware of buying a bag from a seller who is located in Hong Kong or China. While, one doesn’t mean to snub these locations, the statistics of getting a fake bag from these places are higher!

● Couture bags will have a serial number inside printed on white cotton with black ink. Some fake handbag manufacturers put this in their bags, as well. Look out for bags with the same number over and over again.

● Designer bags from Couture USA will have certain words such as Hello or Juicy Kisses embossed into the leather, so if your run your fingers across the leather you can feel them set in the leather.

● Furthermore, when it comes to handles look for the metal studs. The metal studs should have engraving on them with key words from the designer. Look for words such as Heart, Juicy J or Crown. Also, you might see engravings with the word Scottie Dog. Be aware of the lingo language of your designer bag.

● Lastly, be aware of noticeable defects on the spot! Perhaps the bag you are looking at has a polyester fabric stitched inside. That is not authentic! Poor, sloppy stitching on the bag is an obvious clue, as well. If the leather is rough and thicker you should definitely take a closer look. Cow leather smells like leather! Handbags without serial numbers are a definite no. Another, no is the metal studs on the handles will not be engraved. All these little things to observe can save you a lot of heartache, and lost money from your pocketbook.

Well, here is the sad part. You should know that even the most fastidious researchers on authenticating designer bags can get tricked. You probably have heard that counterfeiters are getting better and better at creating these knock-offs. Some have reported that it is not only China and Hong Kong doing this but other places as well. If you travel to Bali, Indonesia you might very well be fooled by the fake handbags. Some say Bali has fake designer shops. 

The counterfeit designer bags are supple, and the hardware looks good, too. However, one can easily notice the price is too cheap. These places undercut quality enterprise. One must really be careful about purchasing a designer bag from an authentic vendor. That is probably one of the best keys to not getting fooled. If you are purchasing from a designer house, ask about sales, and if they offer coupon deals. If you are buying from the direct source, you will not be in harm’s way. Check online for photographs or pictures of what an authentic bag should look like, and clues before buying. 

Remember,if it can be quite confusing for a luxury handbag expert who has been working in the field for quite a while, then, it has to be a challenging problem for everyday shoppers. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to find out you were the purchaser of a fake diamond, so why not be savvy about your designer handbags. They are certainly an item of happiness! Do not forget, buyer beware!