Our friends over at Stuff Fly People Like have a pic of Keyshia Cole rocking a very familiar shaved hairstyle:

Keyshia Cole Shaved Side

And another one down! While she stuck to her ‘around the way’ roots with some colored stars, this look is seriously starting to bore me…yawn!

What do you guys think?

9 thoughts on “Deja Vu : Keyshia Cole Jumps on Shaved Head Trend”

  1. I love that people are being so risky with their hair…these girls are young and they want to have fun. It’s hair it can always grow back. I also love that people are inspired by others and then they do it with their own little twist.

    I actually love Keisha’s twist of the partially buzzed trend.

  2. I’m still down for this trend, I haven’t grown tired of it yet. These ladies are rockin’ the partially shaved head trend to the fullest. Who can do bigger, better and more bad ass? I’m LOVING the slicked down side, colored stars on the side of her head AND a curly mohawk on top… do the damn thang!

  3. I think of all the shaved heads, Keyshia rocks it the best. LOVE the color! So exciting and great for the summer.

    Yay area!! :)

  4. Okay I love this hair style it is still hot. It’s more exciting than plain wraps and just curls. Its fire!

  5. who was the person who did keyshia cole hair n this pic. and where does dat person work….email me the infor. at (jaypam1010@yahoo)

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