Oh Happy Day!
Yesterday, Harlem Fashion Legend Dapper Dan announced an official partnership with Gucci. The Italian house will also help Dan reopen his atelier, and will be collaborating with him on a capsule collection.

According to the New York Times, “In a twist of fortune that could hardly have been imagined back in the day, Daniel Day — better known as Dapper Dan, his nom de knockoff — is reopening his famous studio and atelier with the support of Gucci.”

“For 10 years, between 1982 and 1992, Mr. Day ran one of the hottest shops in Harlem, a 24-hour-a-day atelier where the flush and flash came to commission fashion pieces, furs, leather goods and car interiors wallpapered with unauthorized designer logos. It was counterfeiting elevated to the level of art: Mr. Day made his own Guccis, Louis Vuittons and Fendis, for customers including Mike Tyson, LL Cool J and Eric B. and Rakim, in styles and sizes the luxury companies didn’t and wouldn’t offer. More was more, and in some cases, Mr. Day was making clothing even before the luxury brands themselves were. This time around, Gucci will supply him with all those Gs he once had to pirate.”

Dapper Dan reemerged onto the fashion community’s collective conscience when Gucci paraded a balloon sleeved jacket reminiscent of Dan’s creations down their Resort 2018 runway. The internet went into a frenzy, demanding that Gucci give Dapper Dan proper credit for creating the style and silhouette.

Gucci did one better. According to reports, they will supply Dan with materials to create custom pieces, fund his atelier, and collaborate with him on a collection, set to launch next Spring.

The same company that used to raid his stores and sue him for copyright infringement is actually helping fuel Dan’s original vision.

I think this is a wonderful turn of events and can’t wait to see the fruits of this collaboration.
What do you think?