Happy Saturday loves! Fashion Bomb Daily is here to give you the best in fashion 24/7! Neon has become a style craze for the past few seasons! We love the look and all the chic styles we saw in this trendy color as our recent theme for https://convoswithclaire.com/ in Atlanta!

Miami is up next! Wear silver or gold for this theme, get your tickets and RSVP now! Also check out bae Cyn Santana. We spotted her recently rocking a long sleeve, neon green, fitted, short dress to perfection by our stylish partner http://www.fashionnova.com. She paired it with simple, sporty low top all white Nike’s, aka Air Force One’s, aka Uptown’s. How would you rock this dress ladies?!

It’s a great look in our books for summer. The long sleeves protect from possible harmful rays of the sun and can be helpful when attending events indoors for warmth in cool air conditioned spaces & comfort. Shop the look now at http://www.fashionnova.com