Happy Thursday!
As you’re reading this, I’m on a plane to Atlanta to visit my peeps. I’ll be updating, though, no worries!
So last week I did a Real Style Intervention Diary for one of my best friends from the A, Liana.

Liana is a curvy cutie, and while shopping with her, I noticed how hard it was to find affordable clothes that suited her hot bod.
A few readers—well actually one–wrote in, saying that while I had trouble shopping with Liana, she personally found lots of items that flattered her voluptuous frame.
The reader in question, Pretty Girl, said, “I am a size 16 and I do not have that many problems finding clothes, I think I do better than the girls who are a size 6. I don’t understand why you think it is soo hard for the voluptous to find anything, maybe it was just the figure your friend had. I find things at the last minute all the time and I live in the weakest, smallest city in the MidWest (Milwaukee). Do not put us all in the category of “I’m curvy and I can’t find anything to fit me.” Shop at stores that cater to women with curves, which is not H&M.”
Well, alright, then!
After reading that, I asked for submissions from readers who champion the curvy look with style and ease.
One brave reader, Tawanda, sent in pictures to show us how it’s done!

She says, “I’m a size 12-14 and I shop all over the place! If I’m looking for work clothes that aren’t that expensive then I’ll usually go to New York and Company. For Jeans I love Demo and Torrid and H&M. Macy’s has good dresses as does Charlotte Russe. That where I bought both of the dresses I’m wearing.”

She continues, “I try not to buy anything too clingy and I’m a firm believer in Spanx.”

Spanx Power Panties, $25, http://www.spanx.com/.
“Even the most expensive outfit will look bad with lumps and bumps. I don’t try to wear prints that are too small and too busy because I personally don’t feel that bigger girls can carry that off. I love colors though especially for the summertime! When buying jeans I make sure that there is some sort of stretch material in the jeans. It makes them fit better to your body.”

She warns, “Not all baby doll dresses/shirts/tunics are a good thing. I think a lot of curvy girls like them because they can hide a big tummy. If you’re not careful some of them will make you look bigger then you actually are (or worse pregnant).”
Some sound advice from a very chic chick!
You can tell she emphasizes her assets by wearing belts that cinch in at the waist, v-neck items that draw the eye towards the center of her body, and darker, slimming colors.
Like her look? If so, a few recommendations:

Top Row: Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati Sleeveless Mesh Dress, $108, http://www.nordstrom.com/; ING Plus Sizes Belted V-Neck Top, $40, http://www.macys.com/.
Bottom Row: Smock Dress, $49, http://www.victoriassecret.com/; l.e.i. Grey And White Plaid Bermuda Short, $25, http://www.torrid.com/.
So what do you think? Does she show and prove for curvy girls?