So I was perusing Angel of Concrete Loop’s new blog, Angel on Fire, and came across a post promoting men’s style blog, Street Etiquette. When she called the creators of Street Etiquette, Trav and Josh, the next generation of fashion, of course I had to check ’em out!

Trav Josh Street Etiiquette

On Street Etiquette Trav and Josh offer their thoughts on what’s hot for men, and take their recommendations a step further by snapping pictures of themselves rocking the latest trends…

Street Etiquette Trav Josh

For fall, they were feeling Cowichan Knit Sweaters and Duffle Bags, so took pix rocking the looks:

Street Etiquette Trav Josh

Street Etiquette

Then followed their photo shoot with numbered collages featuring items you need to cop–now!

Street Etiquette Trav Josh


In addition to their uber creative takes on trends, the boys also hit up events like Fashion Week, snapping pictures and making lovely collages along the way:

Street Etiquette

Street Etiquette

What do you think?

If you love, be sure to check ’em out at www.streetetiquette.com–and tell ’em the Fashion Bomb sent you!


PS Check out this video of the guys below:


8 thoughts on “Cool Online Find : Street Etiquette”

  1. I just spent over an hour reading their blog and going through the pictures… I have no words… wowowowow!

  2. I checked out these guys’ website just last week. Beyond dope REALLY. So chilled too, loves it. Hubby material for REAL!

  3. These guys are the bizness! I have to say I’m impressed and haven’t even got the site yet, but will do that now and also tell my honey about it! (C:

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