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So I’ll admit it…I’m a sucker for a sweet bag whether it be Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Prada! But while I love the designer satchels, I’m also a baller on a budget…and sometimes I find that E-Bay is my best and most affordable option.
Unfortunately, I’ve been burned by E-bay before. Years ago, I logged on, looking to find an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag…

…to add to my wardrobe. I thought I was lucky when I scored what was described as an ‘authentic’ Louis off E-bay for a steal. The pictures seemed fine online, but when I received the bag…

…and took a quick look at the details….

…it was obvious that the bag was totally fake! I was incensed, and tried to go back to the seller. When I logged back on, I found that the person had deleted their profile! Can we say pissed!?!
Well, I was relieved when Robin Givhan reported a few weeks ago about a site called www.portero.com.

It calls itself, “the only online auction marketplace truly devoted to the luxury brand legacy.” It strictly auctions off authentic bags, jewelry, and shoes, and has a 30 day return policy. Their prices might be higher, but at least you can be sure of what you’re buying.
I looked and found several decent bags starting off at reasonable offering prices (considering these bags can cost thousands of dollars retail):
This Marc Jacobs Collection Venetia Light Pink Satchel Bag retails for $700…

…but you can bid on it starting at $151.
This Louis Vuitton Bedford Fuchsia Vernis Monogram Purse Handbag retails for $1180…

…but you can place your bids starting at $255.
And this $455 Gucci GG Monogram Club Ready Pochette Handbag….

…starts bidding at a very affordable $100.
Portero.com also has gently used shoes, wallets, and jewelry! Prices are a bit steep, but you can rest assured that you won’t waste your money on fake items!
Beats eBay!
PS Read Robin Givhan’s full article on Portero here
PSS Not all my e-bay purchases have been duds. Now when buying on ebay, I follow these 2 rules:
1. For designer bags, always go for vintage. You can’t find the newfangled bags at a discount unless you hit up Saks or a sample sale.
2. Don’t buy from China! I hate to say it, but I’ve been to China, and I know they’ve got some great fakes…so if you’re buying from someone over there, chances are increased that they’re trying to pass off a fake as real!
My two cents…
PSS Don’t forget the Barney’s Sale my NY and LA ladies…

I’ll be there!

9 thoughts on “Cool Online Find: Portero”

  1. I hate fakes! Oh my god they scratch my nerves…and I never ever trust ebay…its way too iffy for my liking…I like to go straight to the store /boutique so theres never a question of authenticity…but portero is cool b/c they actually check the merchandise

  2. i bought a vintage gucci from ebay, but did you know that there are even vintage fakes out there? so i double and triple checked that the style and the bag was authentic before i bought it. in general though, i stay away from ebay and stick to REPUTABLE designer resale sites and stores, and the vast amount of vintage stores we have in nyc. i found a gorgeous louis vuitton speedy in a vintage store on the lower east side.

  3. That sucks! Sometimes Ebay has some good finds, but the one thing I hate is very rarely are the bags not fakes. *Sigh*.

    By the way, I love your site!

  4. sloane…was it the consignment store INA? If not, do you remember the name of the store?

  5. Ma’am!!! I bought a “Authenitc Gucci” on E-Bay and of course it was a fake…highly disappointed when I received it. I thought I was getting an excellent deal, but just got ripped off. Thanks for the heads up on portero.com!!! Your blog is awesome…I enjoy reading it when it comes out.

  6. You can buy authentic from ebay, you just have to know what to look for and study the real thing so that you know. I always search for vintage, but even then, I scrutinize the details. I’ve bought 2 Louis Vuitton items from ebay, and had them all authenticated in an LV store.

    Yannize, try Phish For the Hip on 18th St bet 6th and 7th ave. But INA is pretty good. And don’t forget Tokyo 7 on 7th St bet 2nd and 1st.

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