“I realized early on that accessories can make two identical outfits look totally different. They are also the easiest way to change your look each season, so you can just go wild expressing yourself.”–Brenda Townsend, founder of Out of Hand Boutique.

Hey Guys,
So taking a cue from the well accessorized lady from yesterday, I decided to cover a new online boutique called ‘Out of Hand’ ( www.oohboutique.com).

The founder, Florida resident Brenda Townsend, says Out of Hand is “for the woman who is too busy to go out and discover unique places to shop or who wouldn’t otherwise have access to anything other than the local mall.” A former Army enlistee, she uses her foreign travels to inspire the one of a kind hand made and independently designed pieces.
Though a total jewelry devotee, she says, “It’s against my religion to spend a lot on accessories!” So she offers items to her customers at reasonable price points.
Surveying the inventory I found unique items from every category for $50 or less!

Her necklaces were fierce…

Top Row: Afire Necklace, $50; Elegantly Twisted Necklace, $30.
Bottom Row: Brass Octopus Necklace, $25; Jet Set Necklace, $20.

…earrings bright and bold…

Top Row: Faceted Drop Earrings, $15; Enamel Wing Earrings, $17.
Bottom Row: Bombay Earrings, $15; Emerald Jade Earrings, $15.

…and bracelets sophisticated…

Top Row: Lapis Cuff Bracelet, $50; Laurel Wreath Bracelet, $12.
Bottom Row: Isis Cuff Bracelet, $40; Bamboo Bangle Bracelet, $12.
All available at www.oohboutique.com

As if the great prices weren’t appealing enough, you can enter the code “FASHBOMB15” at checkout for 15% off your order! The offer lasts until Thursday, May 31st.
Happy Shopping!
PS Want more jewelry options? I did a jewelry week a few months ago. In case you missed it:
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*Sisu Jewelry by my girl and classmate Sarah Johnson
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  1. great site. Here’s something I’ve been looking for jewelry wise. I’ve seen Beyonce’ in what I’ve been calling body jewelry. Its a long peice of jewelry that goes around your neck and into a belly chain around your belly. I haven’t been able to find any let alone any cheap ones. Can you help me?

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