Today we’re spotlighting an online store you must know! Allow us to introduce you to Oluwa & Celestin.

Oluwa & Celestin launched in May 2017 as the first department store carrying luxury brands created and designed by artists of the African Diaspora. The e-Commerce site specializes in apparel, handbags, lifestyle accessories, and home décor with chic touches.

The store carries a plethora of bomb brands including Sukeina, Laurenceairline, Carlton Jones, Tokyo James, Fe Noel, Diane Paris, Qilo, Kamilah Willacy, Françoise Elizée, To’Sha, Vavvoune, Fabryan, Will-Ahsi, Malene B, and AphroChic.

The company’s mission is to create a thriving retail store that celebrates diversity and highlights the craftsmanship of skilled designers within the luxury retail industry.

I’m definitely digging their Shop Tosha handbag and that snake print dress. Hot!

See anything you like?
To find out more, visit and follow them @OluwaCelestin.
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