What is www.7Slayz.com? A new ecommerce website dedicated to the girl who knows she has 7days to Slay!

www.7Slayz.com is a new women’s ecommerce website launching tonight 3/17/17 at 7pm EST. Dedicated to giving you carefully curated statement pieces and a way to filter your shopping experience by your body type. ???⏳.

Its hard to shop online sometimes, but they include size and fit notes to take some of the guess work out of shopping online. What can you expect from 7Slayz? Amazing pieces that you won’t find everywhere else because the idea of being “Not So Basic ” appeals to us.

“Slay Day Deals” reasonably priced items $15.00 and under that are stylish yet nice on your pockets !

Stylist Picks will arrive monthly! Check out some of these “Stylist picks” for the site launch date modeled by Gabrielle the creater of successful fashion Instagram @Stylistbyair.

Oh yes and they will be giving you blog write ups with industry fashion insiders, because they live eat breathe fashion. Expect an exclusive interview with Gabrielle from @Stylistbyair this month…

… and make sure you shop www.7slayz.com and follow their Instagram @7slayz to keep updated on new products coming weekly!

Clothing:@7slayz www.7Slayz.com

Photographer: Carlos Alva
Blackhill photography

Model: Gabrielle “Stylistbyair

Creative Director: Jasmin Wooden

Makeup/Hair: Iventt Gonzalez for Mac Cosmetics

Makeup/ Hair Assistant: Julian Tabone

Commercial shots:

Photographer: Carlos Alva
Blackhill Photography

Clothing: @7slayz www.7slayz.com

Creative Director: Jasmin Wooden

Commercial Styling: Daija Bellamy, Daniel Joseph

Commercial Makeup: Courtney Alderige

Models: Alexandria,Sammy, Lelani, Jennifer, Madison