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So FAITHFUL reader Alex was kind enough to alert me to a hot website!
She says:

Recently I attended a “Clothes & Cocktail” party in Alexandria, VA and an upcoming designer, Kiki, presented some pieces from her newest collection….you should REALLY check her website: Luxevie.com

So of course I had to check it out…and Alex was right! I logged on and quickly found tons of Fashion Bomb material:
I instantly fell in love with the winter ready dresses in a myriad of colors and drapes…
Top Row: Grey Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $65; Printed Kimono Sleeve Dress, $70.
Bottom Row: Burgundy Dress with Silver Detail, $55; Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress, $50.
Cute separates, perfect for the club or the office….

Top Row: Kimono Sleeved Colorblock Top, $35; Red and Grey Tunic, $50.
Bottom Row: Cold Shoulder Top, $40; Black and White Cape, $45.
And hot accessories, from bags to bracelets and earrings…

Top Row: Glazed and Embossed Satchel, $70; Trapeze Bag, $65.
Bottom Row: Green and Gold Glass Bead Earrings, $15; Silver and Leather Dangle Earrings, $15.
The items look super stylish…and you really can’t go wrong when everything on the site is $100 or less!
Check out www.luxevie.com..and tell ’em Claire (and Alex) sent ya!
I went to the Glamour panel yesterday (busy bee…I need to slow down!)

While I always love talking about the relationships between women of color and their hair, and the issues of diversity in the media…I emerged frustrated with the dialogue. After attending the Blacks in Fashion talks of weeks past and now this, I’m just like, “Is anything going to change?” It seems we continue to have this discussion without anything substantive happening.
The Glamour panel was a nice act on the part of the magazine, but it seems to be a simple band aid over a large gash wound called ‘lack of diversity.’ I honestly think that people of color would be on runways, in magazines, etc and that staffers would be better informed (i.e. won’t think it’s ok to say that dreads are dreadful) if companies actually made an effort to support multiculturalism behind the scenes.
Talking is futile unless people at magazines, model agencies and the like try their darndest to diversify their ranks….not just throw a person of color on the cover or inside on occasion.
My two pennies. What do you think?

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  1. Thank you Claire! I think we are overly looked at a lot of things but especially with media & jobs. If we took a stand and stopped subscribing and supporting these outlets that do not have variety behind the scenes then they would stop and take notice and maybe change.

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