Always on the look out for cool, I stumbled across the website for New York based company Good Wood, which makes hip hop inspired necklaces, two finger rings, and earrings out of wood:

Good Wood NYC

Top Row: Biggy, $18; Zebra Jungle, $20. Bottom Row: The Fresh 2 Finger, $18; Boombox, $18.

Endlessly affordable, most pieces are under $25….


Left to Right: Brooklyn Bridge Pendant, $22; Tupac Pendant, $18.


Whaam! Pendant, $22.

…And the accessories perfectly meld urban culture with fashion and innovation:

Good Wood NYC


I love it!

See more at

2 thoughts on “Cool Online Find: Jewelry from Good Wood NYC”

  1. Just ordered that FRESH 2 finger ring, its too cute and shipping was $3. Can’t be that :)

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