Hey Bombshells!

Always on the lookout for cool online finds, I stumbled upon Chicstar.com, a cyberstop where you can auction, buy, or submit your own designs for clothes.

At Chicstar.com, you can find affordable tops, dresses, and denim for less than $100; If you’re more adventurous, you can bid ebay style on sexy cocktails, gowns, and jackets.


Top Row: Ruffled Tulip Dress,$34; Lace-Up Ruffled Jacket, $53.

Bottom Row: Gothic Lace Trim Corset Velvet Jacket, $55; Romantic Ruffled Chiffon Dress, $34.

More than just a regular online boutique, Chicstar.com is a fashion community with an ongoing, open call for design submissions. Fashion lovers and aspiring designers can submit, vote, comment and buy their favorite styles.

How does it work? Aspiring designers can submit a fashion idea—a drawing or sketch of their dream outfit—and if the people at Chicstar.com love your idea, you can get one item for free. If your winning sketch is picked for production, you win $250 cash (and the chance for other people to buy your designs)! The opportunity is perfect for the aspiring design star.

Interested? Submit your designs at design.chicstar.com. Vote and comment on your favorite designs at www.chicstar.com/community. Just want to shop? Visit Chicstar at www.chicstar.com.

3 thoughts on “Cool Online Find : Chicstar.com”

  1. Please be careful with this website..when trying to order a dress the website failed but the order went through. There was no shipping confirmation etc but because I always check my online banking I spotted the charge. They do not have a company number you have to correspond with them through email.

  2. Hello Bxbornretro,
    Would you please tell us your registered email address with ChicStar.com? Sometime the order confirmation email couldn’t be sent out due to technique error, but if you were charged the order should be shipped out. Please contact us and we’re glad to assistant. Thank you.

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