This one heck of a woman brings forth the funny, the real and rawness to any occasion, and that’s why we adore her! Actress, Basketball Wives Star and Official Bonnet Chronicles creator Tami Roman, will be present for Convos With Claire: Los Angeles. You don’t want to miss such an amazing event!

If you Bombers and Bombshells are unfamiliar, our first introduction to Tami Roman through reality TV, was ‘The Real World: Los Angeles’ in 1993. And of course she brought forth the kind of authenticity for TV that was simply unmatched. Just a glimpse into what her world was about, one thing that was for certain about the New York born reality star, was her powerful presence and fierce personality. From supporting roles in various television series such as Card Sharks, One on One, CBS’ Extant, and movie cameos, we were given a deeper idea as to what Tami Roman had to offer the industry with such raw talent, and unapologetic attitude. 

Evolving her social media platform, aside from her notoriety on VH1’s Basketball Wives, Tami Roman has since taken to Tidal and Instagram, as comedic relief for her doting followers and viewers with her notable ‘Bonnet Chronicles’ series. Where she speaks her relatable truth and dish out facts, gossip and sound advice for viewers. All done in a stylish Bonnet, of course! 

In Los Angeles? Be sure to attend Convos With Claire: Los Angeles this Saturday, August 10th from 6-10pm! Get ready for a fun time filled with drinks, hors d’oeuvres, music, and fashion, hosted by Fashion Bomb Daily’s EIC Claire Sulmers. Dress code: Tropical!

Limited space is available! RSVP today at CWCLAX.EVENTBRITE.COM!