Convos with Claire sizzled onto South Beach with a scintillating Silver & Gold theme for the first Miami edition of our networking franchise!

Guests sashayed down to the swanky Betsy Hotel’s metallic trimmed B Bar for yummy hors d’oeuvres, Deleon Tequila Cocktails, music by DJ JFK, and fashion.

We had a star studded line up, so we got our conversations underway quickly, kicking off with J’Lysa Wilson of Clem Swimwear. Wilson shared an inspiring story of attempting to make headway into the industry before starting her own line of sassy suits. She underscored the unique details of her monokinis, bikinis, and one pieces, and urged every entrepreneur to never give up on their dreams.

Next up was Rachel Roff, owner of the skincare and beauty brand Urban Skin RX. Rachel and I chatted about some of my favorite products (read about them here). Rachel has been able to survive and thrive in her competitive industry by providing great products, stellar customer service, and not being afraid to give away products in order to attract new clients.

Venita McCollum is an author, fashionista, and the mother of Lil Yachty, a multi million dollar rapper. For our Convo, she talked about her book, Raising a Rapper, where she offers business and life tips on nurturing a child’s talent while also protecting them. It’s a must read. Learn more about her book at

Singer and Entertainer Amara la Negra and platinum producer Rico Love shared stories of career highs and lows, and offered their individual definitions of success. For Amara, it was to leave a lasting legacy. For Rico, it was to be as educated as possible on a multitude of subjects and to ultimately be happy with the impact and influence he has had on the world.

And lastly, the beautiful Trina discussed her new album: The One, which was 6 years in the making. She looked bomb in Chanel, and we closed out the party with her song, “BAPS,” which is a certified banger.

Bombers and Bombshell glittered and glowed in the lights.

Veronica Vega, Prince, Bobby Lytes, and many more stopped by in fabulous ensembles.

Radio DJ Supacindy was a vision in gold.

Boutique owner Jamaican Sacha showed some thigh in a high low dress. Bomb!

Fashion Bomb staff members Askia Abdul and Naj the Godson shined in gold.

Gold was also the call for Bombshell IsokenOfe:

It was a fun time!

Convos with Claire Miami was a certified success, and we can’t wait for our next stop: LA!!!!!

Join us on August 10th for our next edition of CWC. Get your tickets at Special guests to be announced soon.

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This event was Sponsored by Urban Skin Rx, Clem Swimwear, Deleon Tequila, Isoken Ofe, and Rayar Jeans.

Special Thanks to Steven Lamont, DJ JFK, @NajtheGodson, @AskiaAbdul, and Krystle Coleman of Midori Star Media Group.

See more CWC MIA style below:

Who do you think was best dressed?