Are you heading for a formal event and wondering what to wear? Regardless of whether you have been invited to a wedding or you have an important business event, your outfit needs to be well-thought.  This includes both the clothes you wear and also the accessories you choose.

If you have a more masculine style, deciding accessories can feel more difficult due to the lack of options. This is why you should focus on small details such as the watch you wear. That way you can keep your style more masculine, while still turning heads when you enter the room. The market has many luxury watch brands, and this time we will focus on Breitling. It’s a lesser known brand, which is already a statement in itself.

1. What are the best models of Breitling watches for formal events?

Breitling watches have a very masculine design so they are perfect for men, who want to dress masculine and stylish. If you are taking a look at Breitling watches for men from Chrono24, you can see that the brand has many different collections to choose from. Obviously, you should buy a watch that fits your personal style, but some of the collections are more fitting to formal events.

Timeless classics like Navitimer and Chronomat are always great options. You can never go wrong with a timeless piece, and this also impacts watches. If you prefer more technological looking options, the Avenger collection might be perfect for you. If you are looking for something in between, Superocean Heritage or Colt collections could be what you are looking for.

2. How to choose the right Breitling watch to match with your style?

As we mentioned, even though some of the collections are more fitting for formal events, the watch should fit your personal style. If you end up buying a watch that doesn’t match with any of your clothing or style, you are simply not going to wear it. Trying to fit a model with your style can become quite difficult and lead up to a messy outfit.

Choosing a Breitling watch to fit your style is relatively simple. You can start this by considering which watch you like the most. Try to imagine your go to outfits for everyday life and formal events. If the watch fits these outfits, it will match with your personal style.

3. What is the price of a Breitling watch?

A watch can tell a lot about you to other people. Everyone knows the impact of someone wearing a famously expensive watch, but you don’t need to wear the most expensive item to have a great effect. The price range of Breitling watches is quite big, which makes it a fitting brand for many people. The prices go from less than $1000 to a little over $2000. That way you can find a perfect watch that matches your style, the event and your wallet as well.