Having useful skills in the field of Information Technologyis important for career growth. In the current development ofthe IT industry, the certifications are essential as they help the skilled professionals stand out among other candidates. So, Cisco is introducing new credentials to assist you in advancing your career. For the IT specialists who intend to work in network administration, it’s likely that they’ll have to work in a Cisco environment. This makes the certificates of this vendor popular and valued. They verify the skills and knowledge that the IT experts require to manage and maintain Cisco technologies.

In this article, we’ll cover important details of the Cisco 300-430 ENWLSI exam.This is a newly introducedtest that you must pass in order to get the CCNP ENWLSI . It’s also required of those students who want to earn the Cisco Certified Specialist – EnterpriseWireless Implementation credential.

CCNP Enterprise certificationdetails

CCNP Enterpriseis a valuable certification that is designed to verify your skills and knowledge in the unpredictable IT industry. As anewly created Cisco certificate, it validates the specialists’ knowledge of networking solutions in the corporate world. Literally, this credential offers you the chance to choose your career path. Whether you want to advance or pursue a course in networking, Cisco CCNP Enterprise is what you need.

To get the CCNP Enterprise certification, you must pass two tests: oneCore exam, known as Cisco 350-401 ENCOR, and one Concentration test of your choosing. The concentration exams include 300-435, 300-425, 300-420, 300-430, 300-415, and 300-410.You should remember that this CCNP certificate will be replacing a number of existing credentials. They include CCNP R&S, CCNP Wireless, as well as CCDP.

Cisco 300-430 ENWLSI exam details

Also known as Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks, the Cisco 300-430test is among the six concentration exams that you must take in order to get the CCNP Enterprise certification. Like any other test in this rank, this one has a duration of 90 minutes and must be taken together with the Cisco 350-401 examto obtain the credential.

The 300-430 ENWLSI exam is designed to measure one’s understanding of a broad range of domains and skills that pertains to the Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification. Remember that each exam objectiveadds to a particular significance in the actual test. Let’s look at some of the topic areas covered:

  • Flex Connect:You must understand how to deploytheFlexConnect components and capabilities.
  • Quality of Service on Wireless Network: This test features three implementation areas. They are QoS systems, QoS for wireless customers, and the one for AVC, including Fastlane.
  • Multicast: The test takers must understand the implementation procedure involved in multicast components and should be able to perform it.
  • Location Services:The individualsshould have the knowledge how to develop MSE and CMX on a non-wired network and recognize location services.
  • Advanced Location Services: The specialists intending to take the Cisco 300-430 exam should have a vast knowledge of advanced location services. This includes applying CMX components, such as detect and locate, presence service and analytics.
  • Security for Wireless Client Connectivity: Oneshouldhave the knowledge how to configure customer profiling with WLC and ISE.
  • Monitoring: It is important to develop competence in using reports on PI and Cisco DNA Center. The candidates also need to know how to manage alarms and rouges, comprising customers and APs.
  • Device Hardening: This topic covers the implementation of TACACS+ and RADIUS.

Registration for this Cisco certification exam starts on February 24, 2020. You will be allowed to register for the test via Pearson VUE. It’s good to note that the details of the exam fee will be provided once the test goes live next year.

Cisco 300-430 exam preparation

The proper preparation process is important when you plan to pass the Cisco 300-430 exam. As you are going to sit for this certification test, bear in mind that it will go live next year. You just have to be ready to go for it and pass it when the right time comes.

When it comes to exam preparation, you can check out the vendor’s official site. The classroom learning is one of the efficient options to assist you in starting your preparation process. The course such as Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks is a certified vendor-based training that will helpthe candidates train for Cisco 300-430 within 5 days. The learners can choose either a virtual classroom or a classroom learning.Apart from this, make sure you check the Cisco Press site to get other helpful resources such as an official study guide.

There are many platforms that are loaded with numerous training resources to fit your exam preparation needs. One of the leading websites is Exam-Labs. Here you can find comprehensive prep tools, such as practice tests, PDF files, study guides, upgraded and valid braindumps uploaded by the previous test takers and approved by the IT professionals. With the help of these study materials, you have a guarantee to pass your Cisco 300-430 on your first try. Practice several times, determine your weak areas, and pay attention to them in order to pass this certification test. Besides, Exam-Labs allows you to instantly download these resources and begin the preparation process in full.

Career opportunities

The CCNP Enterprise certification opens opportunities for working in the desired IT job positions. This brings quantifiable perks to the certified professionals and the organization they’re working for. So, getting certified allows you to work as aNetwork Architect, a Senior Network Engineer,or a Network Engineer. These occupations bring measureable advantages in regard to increasing your salary and making you stand out among other IT specialists.


While the IT industry is getting competitive, Cisco strives to integrate areas of software through networking to assist businesses in realizing their goals. In this case, you must have a reputable certification that will validate your expertise and enhance the possibilities of career development in the field. Thus, the new CCNP Enterprise credential will help you excel in your preferred career path. Make use of the mentioned preparation resources to ace the required Cisco 300-430exam. The dependable practice tests provided by Exam-Labs and officialstudy materials offered by the vendor will help you pass this certification exam.