This is crazier than Cavalli!

And that overheard quote, Fashion Bombers, sums up the excitement and madness of the Comme des Garçons for H&M launch at their 5th Avenue flagship in NYC! I got there at 9 on the dizz-ot and already the line was well around the corner:


There were so many people that the store decided to open an hour early and then…pandemonium!It was IN-SANE. The much-hyped $349 dress was gone before I could even spot it; shoppers were tripping over each other, grabbing anything they could off the racks, and pushing any and everyone aside! People were even trying to rip the clothes off the mannequins!
This one was such a target that it had to be assigned a bodyguard.

The excitement was a lot of fun but, overall, I felt a little let down by the clothes. It seemed like the accessories (scarves, hats, sneakers) were the more fun items. Most people, however, thought otherwise–like this young lady, who was so overwhelmed she could only feebly nod when I asked to take her picture!There was, of course, some fierce Real Style on the scene. I caught a few stylistas (including some men’s style) who were also die-hard CDG fans:
Even Fashion Bomb friend and celebrity stylist Alexander Allen was in the building:

Yours truly then got in line with everyone else (I did find some cool jodhpur-like pants) and called it a morning:All in all: bananas but definitely fun!
Special thanks to Real Stylers Folami, Kalifa, Simone, and Jamillah!

5 thoughts on “Comme des Garçons for H&M: New York”

  1. San Francisco was similarly insane–I got there at 9:30 and there was a line around the block. When they opened the doors it took maybe 5 minutes for me to get inside, and at that point the racks were totally EMPTY. I never even got a glimpse of the jackets I was interested in, let alone to touch one. Crazy. What recession, huh?

  2. is there ANYTHING left in any of the nyc stores? will they re-stock, or is that it? hoping i didn’t completely miss out…

  3. Hey Adriana. I bought the same pants from H&M and was wondering what work with them (i.e. tops, shoes, accessories.) What are your ideas?

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