So last night I linked up with Love and Hip Hop New York star Cardi B to talk fashion, fame, and being in the spotlight.
She is hilarious, super smart, and just as animated as you can imagine!
2 fashion bomb tv cocktails with claire and cardi b
5 things I learned about her:
1. She doesn’t really drink
fashion bomb tv cocktails with claire and cardi b
Though suitors in the restaurant sent her champagne (and I helped myself to some Henny!), she’s not much of a drinker. She avoids the hang overs, empty calories, and prefers sparkling water over spirits.
2. Fame Has Its Pitfalls
cardi b VH1+Hip+Hop+Honors+Hail+Queens+Arrivals+bAxXOs78t6Qx
When I asked her about the worst parts of fame, she admitted that the negativity often gets to her (sure she’s scrappy, but the mean comments sting). Another downside: her loss of privacy. People have invaded her personal space, asked for selfies on off days, and physically pulled on her for pictures.
3. She Sets Big Goals and Goes for Them
Though she’s only 24, Cardi has come far fast, mainly because she sets big goals. She told herself that she wanted to make $100,000 before she was 22 and she did; her next big goal is to have a family and a gorgeous baby.
4. She Wants to Be Known for Her Music

Cardi wants to focus more on her music career (and her music is popping!). Her song Foreva (above) has over 3 million views!

5. This might be her last season of Love and Hip Hop

cardi b fashion bomb daily
If you enjoy watching the Trinidadian/Dominican Bombshell on the small screen, you’ll have to lap it up! She intimated that this will be her last season on the show. Her sights are set on music, marriage, and getting that schmoney.
At any rate, we had a blast, and I can’t wait to take a look at her closet!
8 fashion bomb tv cocktails with claire and cardi b
If you have any questions for Cardi, leave ’em below and I’ll be sure to ask them when we film.
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Images: Visuals by Pierre