So strapless dresses have been popping up quite a lot lately, in lovely, skin flattering jewel tones…
And cute embroidery…
I personally love the strapless look, but for years struggled to rock it because I totally lacked sufficient support! While those with a little less can get away with wearing virtually nothing under those cute dresses, I for one just can’t!
I’ve tried every support system: rib poking corsets, uncomfortable body suits–even going one size smaller with regular strapless bras (don’t try it!). Nothing has worked for me as well as Fantasie’s Smooth Slimming Strapless Bra:

For an investment of $69, I can jump up and down, two step, and crank dat without fear of wardrobe malfunctions.
It comes in sizes B to G, so absolutely everyone….
…and I mean everyone can benefit.
PS I know you want the looks above:) Try the following:

Top Row: Jennifer Dress, $98, www.guess.com; Sexy Strapless Dress, $139, www.bebe.com.
Bottom Row: Laundry by Design Strapless Metallic Bubble Dress, $295, www.bloomingdales.com; www.macys.com; Milly Twist Top Mini Dress, $190, www.saks.com.
PSS You can also find the bra here and here.
Fashion News and What Nots:
*Project Runway Debuts tonight!

Watch Tim and Heidi ‘Make it Work’ at 10pm on Bravo.
*Erin Fetherston’s whimsical line hits Target stores this Sunday.
*Viktor & Rolf launches a new line of handbags. Check ‘em out at www.viktor-rolf.com
*Patricia Field tapped to style Barbie.

5 thoughts on “Claire’s Obsession: Fantasie Smoothing Strapless Bra”

  1. This bra would be perfect to go under a bridesmaid dress I have to wear! Where can I find it? I googled it, but I didn’t see any stores, just ebay,etc. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Claire! Over the last few years, I’ve stayed away from strapless tops and dresses, though I love them, because I could never find a supportive bra in my size. It’s no fun wearing a gorgeous ‘fit but you’re uncomfortable because your bra is cutting off your circulation or sliding down incessantly. I am so gonna buy this . . . like RIGHT NOW.

  3. SO excited for project runway tonight! yayyyyy! please visit my shopblog when you get a chance! free shipping on several items!

    thanks :)


  4. I saw lots of those dresses at Anthropologie yesterday, but I can’t wear them. Not for me! I’ll take a look at teh new Project Runaway tonight, just to know what’s going on.

  5. Ladies… let me just tell you Claire is RIGHT… I have the super boobies and it’s the best bra ever. I also have a strapless from Panache. Try the Intimacy of Atlanta website. You can search for bra affiliates in your area. Also the Fantasie bra line is sold in Nordstroms (try the online store and be sure to measure yourself as well. Happy shopping.

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