Hi y’all!
So today I want to tell you about another one of my obsessions:

Cole Haan Nike Air Shoes

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’re well aware of my foot issues. Everything from stilettos to flip flops hurt my feet. I walk around at work in my socks (just ask my coworkers), and I typically find a seat as soon as possible at parties. In short, with shoes, comfort is key.
I’d seen the designer for Cole Haan Nike Air shoes come on Oprah one day, exalting their comfort, and I thought: really?
But I tucked my reservations away and bought my first pair of slingbacks (on sale of course!)…

…and I’ve been a devotee ever since. By no means can you play basketball in them (remember those Easy Spirit commercials?), but in terms of comfort, they are by far the cushiest, bounciest, most comfortable shoes I own!
Extra bonus: they’re cute.
Check out some of their latest styles:
Middle: Aurora Air Sling, $375.
Bottom Row: Dalya Air Pump, $295; Air Neesa Tall Boot, $375.
All at www.colehaan.com
Now you may be saying: Claire, these shoes are $300+ a pop.
Good point.
To that I respond:
1. Check for them on sale. I did a quick search in my size and found the following relative steals:
Top Row: Carma OT Air Pump, $200; Sabeena Air Sandal, $180.
Middle: Ambrose Air Pump, $190.
Bottom Row: Melinda Air Pump, $190; Charlize Air Pumps, $180.
2. A few hundred dollars is a small investment for a comfortable, chic shoe. I invested in this patent leather pump for work…

….I wear them almost everyday with pleasure.
3. Manolo’s and Jimmy Choos (my old obsession) cost $500 a pop–and they’re not even comfortable!
So if you spend on anything, go with these.
As Pam said yesterday, scrimp on clothes, spend on shoes (even if it’s just two pairs)!

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*I’m going to get my foot looked at today at the Hospital for Special Surgery. One of my New Years goals: no more unnecessary foot pain!

*What are some of your fashion obsessions? Why? Let me know at thefashionbomb@gmail.com
*Deals of the day:
Top Row: Twiggy Coat, $150; Medallion Clutch, $35.
All from www.modcloth.com. Enter the code “fashionbomb10” for an extra 10% off.
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