So I’m in London for Cocktails with Claire U.K. (Get your tickets at!
Yes, I hopped on a British Airways flight and should be resting, but am wide awake, tapping away. It will take me a while to get over the Jet Lag, but I’d figured I’d use this time to update The Bomb Life! Before I left for London, I had a book signing at the Just Bobbi shop on the first floor of Lord & Taylor!

Lots of fly Bombers and Bombshells stopped by, including Carmen Lilly, Alishia Crutchfield, Arnold Milfort, Efe Tommy, and Ty Hunter!

I also met lots of new readers. It was fun and fabulous! And now, my book is available at a retail store. You can stop by Lord & Taylor at 424 5th Avenue in New York and get a signed copy of my book at the Just Bobbi store! How cool!


And see some of you London fashionistas very soon!
Love & Light!
Images: Marta McAdams