Pyer Moss is a designer who disrupts. Since he stepped on the scene, he has used his clothing as a platform to increase awareness of black history and current events (He created a Juneteenth shirt, which Usher wore to perform at Essence Music Festival, and famously made a tee decorated with names of black men killed by police brutality). He is a true activist–I can’t wait to interview him for Fashion Bomb TV!

Until then, I’m always down to support his new projects. Hennessy recently spotlighted one of the world’s most impressive sports champions, cyclist Marshall “Major” Taylor, once called the fastest man on two wheels. At a time when an African American world champion of cycling was unheard of, Major Taylor was the man. To celebrate his perseverance through adversity and his rise to the top, Pyer Moss was tapped to create a collection inspired by Taylor’s story.

The capsule boasts jackets and sporty tops emblazoned with Moss’s name, along with a tee featuring a cartoon rendition of Marshall “Major” Taylor.