So one of my dreams is to be on TV, not as a reality starlet per se (though I wouldn’t mind), but moreso as a talking head / fashion expert. I was juiced when I got the opportunity to show off a bit of my fashion know-how with Lola Ogunnaike and Shannon Lanier of Arise TV 360:
The subject: sample sales. What they are, how to find them, and what to do while there. It was lots of fun, though my voice was a little raspy (too much partying in Cambridge). Anyway, enjoy:

I had a lot of fun chatting with them, hopefully they’ll have me back!
Let me know what you think;)
*My dress is by DVF, and yes I copped it at a sample sale for little as nothing! My shoes are by Saint Laurent.

23 thoughts on “Claire’s Life: Talking Sample Sales on Arise TV 360”

  1. That’s a great role for you Claire. You are definitely a fashion maven, that’s why people (such as myself) flock to your blog on a daily basis. You would be a great addition to that new talk show coming out called “The Real” with Tamar Braxton etc. I hope someone from that executive team sees my comment because I am completely sure there’s a spot for you on that panel.

  2. great job claire! have you ever thought of having your own vlog in addition to your blog? you’re a natural. w/that being said, i’m so beyond jealous of those who live in nyc & have access to all that glorious fashion. florida is so boring.

  3. Great job!!! Shannon Lanier is my cousin !!! You both did a wonderful job!! I am so prud of him , he has come along way !!

  4. Sample sales Y’all betta not buy everything up before I get there! Lol….seriously!

  5. You did great! This seems to be the natural next step for you. Keep at it girl!
    And, I agree with MAC.

  6. Claire bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did a great job! I would LOVE to see you on that show “The Real” like the other commenter said! That would be amazing!

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