Hey Bombshells!

So after my trip to the Bahamas, I popped into NYC to catch up with friends and fashionable peeps!
I hit the ground running yesterday, dropping into a press conference…

Atmosphere Alfani Red

…for men’s brand Alfani’s new line, Alfani Red, which features sleek designs, and a modern, closer fit:

Macy's Alfani Red

It turns out Grammy award winning singer Ne-Yo is an ambassador for the brand and appears in their Fall 2009 Ad Campaign:

Ne-Yo Alfani Red Macy's

Of course I had to sidle up to him and snap a picture:

Claire Ne-Yo The Fashion Bomb

…and then I asked him a few questions about his personal style:

The Fashion Bomb Ne-Yo Alfani

(Yes that’s my Baby Phat Notebook!).

Here’s our interview, which I filmed with my Fip Video:

Quite a nice introduction back to NYC! I’ll be here for about a week and will see what else I can get into.


One thought on “Claire’s Life : Ne-Yo’s Alfani Red Ad Campaign”

  1. Nice Job! Good questions for him. I have to say that he really looks nice in the two top pictures! I’m a bit surprised, he always looks…let’s say…just “passable” to me, but in the pics he really looks good. Him or his stylist/”collaborative” effort/whatever did a good job that day! (C:

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