Happy Monday, folks!
This past weekend, Sheen Magazine graciously invited to me to Birmingham, Alabama for their Natural Hair and Health Expo!

The event featured a day full of panels, giveaways, fashion shows, speeches, and of course lots of talk surrounding hair.
My day started with an intimate chat with Sheen Magazine’s Sammi Haynes surrounding my book, the Bomb Life!

Bombshells gathered to take pix, ask for advice, and just say hey!!

Then I moved to the main stage for a Blogger panel with Talking with Tami. We talked about fashion and beauty trends, wardrobe do’s and don’ts, and more!

On my way out, I ran into Eva Marcille (who was wearing an OTT Dubai Dress I must have), along with Tahira and Maya from The Cut Life.

We’re all going to be collaborating on events this Spring and Summer!
Then I went back to my hotel to rest my weary feet! For the day, I wore a Valencia Atelier feather trimmed blazer dress, Kyna Collection shirt, Hanifa Official pants, and Christian Louboutin pumps.

I met so many great people in Birmingham, including my photographer Tez Davenport who took all these pictures and makeup artist Joy Kason aka @DangShawtyBeat . I challenge you to find a better IG name for a makeup artist!

At any rate, Birmingham is fun and vibrant! Though my trip was super short, I could tell that there are a lot of fly Bombshells who might be down for a CWC event in the near future. Stay tuned…!

Next stop is Conversations with Claire Philadelphia on March 18th, then Convos with Claire NYC (which is almost sold out!), then Cocktails with Claire LA on April 1st! Our full list of events is coming soon! Stay tuned!