If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I’ve been having a fantastic time at London Fashion Week!
From shows to parties to Real Style, the UK has a lot to offer, and is definitely a must stop for any fashionista.
Here are a few highlights from my short trip:

A few days ago, after hitting up the Topshop Unique and Peter Jensen shows (reviews on Vogue.it), I went to the Mulberry party where I ran into Kelis. The consummate fashionista is in town performing, and was attending a few shows during the day. She admired my Peace Images Fandango earrings (I first wore them here), then agreed to take a pic. She was super sweet!

The party itself had an English seaside theme, replete with stuffed animals, ice cream, and fun hors d’oevres like fish & chips, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

My friends and I took a quick pic with a few new animal friends….

Then we called it a night!

The next day I attended the Burberry show (review to come):

The high wattage show took place at Kensington Gardens in an expansive venue replete with sky lights:

Apparently Kanye West was in the house, though I couldn’t spy him from my vantage point (I was in the nosebleed section. Lol).

At any rate, I was super excited to see Trav & Josh of Street Etiquette afterwards:

The two are in town care of Tumblr, and have been shooting fun style diaries all over town. Stay tuned to their blog (www.streetetiquette.com) and their tumblr (www.streetetiquette.tumblr.com) for the scoop.

And that does it!
I update my own Tumblr www.xoxoclaire.com pretty frequently with pix of what I’m up to, so check it out! Also, follow me on Twitter for the blow-by-blow.
I’m off to Milan tomorrow. Can’t wait!

18 thoughts on “Claire’s Life: London Spring 2012 Fashion Week with Mulberry and Burberry”

  1. How exciting, Mr Parks says we need to definitely get to the UK, he used to live there and tells me stories every day, I’m dying to see the fashion there.

  2. I heart Kelis… Lucky you!

    On another note the dress code for the burberry show seems relaxed, just based on ye’s pic i see jeans, leggings, oxfords…interesting

  3. Claire u look adorable, and this shows how Fashion Week in NYC is different from Fashion Week all over the globe. In London, Paris, Milan its about the shows, the designers, and the Fashion. But in NYC its more about who was there and who wore what. Not so much the lines. That’s why many designers opt to not have huge names at their shows. And Kelis..she used to be a gem, and the ultimate trendsetter. But now? Not feeling the Taurus look…

  4. What’s funny is that Claire had a post a few days ago where all the fashion designers spoke on their disdain for leggings and one designer mentioned leather leggings in particular. With that being said- every woman in the front row with Kanye has on those leggings! HAHAHA

  5. that giraffe is the same kind khloe Odom has! I know Random but I had to say it!
    Lamar sent it to her when she was away in NYC! lol

  6. I love Kelis…….and Claire… it looks like you were wearing PeaceImages. Fandangos(sp)? My girl Camille is the bizzzznesss! peaceimages.bigcartel.com : )

  7. @ummmm, exactly! designers talk just to hear themselves speak sometimes. i remember (it’s been a while) when dvf said she doesn’t like when people wear cami’s under her wrap dresses and then she was photographed wearing one. these are human beings, not gods, everything they say is not the final word! do you. #teamleggings!

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