Happy Monday, Bombers and Bombshells!

This past Saturday, I made my way down to Target at Brooklyn Junction to introduce shoppers to Girl + Hair, a new dermatologist designed hair care system designed to take care of natural hair, particularly under protective styles like wigs, weaves, or braids.

The product was created by Physician and Dermatologist resident Camille Verovic, Founder of Girl & Hair Under Hair Care. A lot of times, we can just slap a wig on our head and figure out nurturing our natural coils. Girl + Hair is the answer, introducing light products with low build up that smell fantastic.

Saturday afternoon, we handed out free samples to naturalists, gave away product, and interviewed each other!

Want to try? Visit GirlandHair.com and tell them I sent you.

*For the day, I wore Sophia Webster heels and a dress from FashionBombDailyShop.com.

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