Happy Friday!
So yesterday I was invited to a super secret dinner in Brooklyn hosted by twin design duo Dee & Ricky.

For the occasion, I decided to try my hand at mixing prints. I’d been eyeing this pair of Miu Miu gingham taffeta slingbacks since Solange first wore them, and was super juiced when I found them on sale at Jeffrey’s when I was down in Atlanta for the Style Bloggers of Color Conference.

And while my first inclination was to pair the shoes with, say, a safe solid white or blue dress, I resisted said urge and slipped on a Kenzo Spring Summer 2012 patterned shoulder detail dress. Between you and I, I can’t get enough Kenzo (you might remember, I wore one of the line’s pieces to interview Wendy Williams). Perhaps it was their stunning, all black Spring 2012 campaign…?

At any rate, I broke up the patterns with a white oversized Harper clutch by Diane von Furstenberg, then hit the town.

What do you think?
I was able to steal a few Iphone pictures of the event, which was chock full of fun people like Wendell Lissimore, Shaun Ross, Briana Bigham, and of course Dee & Ricky themselves:

It was a fun night!
At any rate, thoughts on my latest look?
Photography by Marta McAdams.
Outfit Info: Kenzo Patterned Shoulder Detail Dress. Miu Miu Gingham Slingback Pumps. Diane von Furstenberg Harper Large Envelope Clutch.

66 thoughts on “Claire’s Life: Dinner with Dee & Ricky”

  1. Claire,
    You look fab. You were right with pairing the shoes with the pattern dress. They both compliment each other very well. I think a plain dress would not have did the shoes justice….LOVE IT….P.S. the clutch is to die for….

  2. I don’t love the fit of the dress on you but you did a great job pattern mixing. TBH i never liked those shoes until YOU wore them…hmm..wonder if there are any pairs left with the designer shoe sale?

    Thanks for showing us that breaking out of your comfort zone can work.

  3. You look good Claire!
    I wanted to ask which email I can use for info about what to wear to an event or where I can find similar clothes(mail bombs) . Answers please , thank you .

  4. I love the pattern mixing and think you did a fab job on that! I unfortunately dont think that the fit of that dress does much for your figure. I dont know much but I just think it makes you look bigger than you are and takes away from your fab figure!

    Id love to see you in more skater and a line silhouettes that draw away from your top half and balances you out a tad more. Just constructive feedback because we all love to have that I hope…. otherwise still LOVE the mixing!


  5. I love the pattern mixing! But I unfortunately do not love the fit of the dress with your body shape. You have a fab figure but I dont think the cut did anything for you. Id lvoe to see you in a fuller skirt or maybe skater type fit to balance it out. Otherwise as always you are beyond amazing and keeping rocking out!

  6. Before I even read the article, Claire girl, those gingham Miu Mius are my favorite shoe that you own and I wish I had some like those. They look amazing on you!

  7. Now that I’ve read it: love the mixing of prints. That’s a really cool look and I like the way you’ve paired the two. I’m inspired to try my hand at it.

  8. The pattern mixing is great here! Former Bombshell’s take note! On the other hand, I do see what other people mean about the fit of the dress. The length and fit are good, but the girls are big and there’s not much that can be done about that.

  9. The fit is FINE! It looks great. Oh my god w o m e n. grrr

    I just got three cosigns on the fit, Claire…two dude engineers and an IT guy.

    Keep on keeping on, Claire. Thumbs up on this personal style challenge! Try your gingham print with a tonal flower prints as well.. Rachel Zoe style.

  10. But who is the gentleman in the patterned polo and smiley face shorts??? And where can I find him and that shirt???

  11. very nice, but no jewelry required with a dress and shoes that have such bold pattern- would have liked to have seen your hair up too!

  12. I’ve been waiting for you to wear those shoes! I’ve the mix; glad you rocked it out! I wanted this shoes for awhile myself :)

  13. Omg – claires looks fine. Not everyone can be a A or B cup.:-)

    What’s more important is proper bra size/fit and a small waist. WERK IT!!!

  14. @yusufswifee I didn’t know A or B cup was the standard size. Not everyone can be a full cup ; )

  15. I’m inspired! I am a very safe “fashionista” (oxymoronic, I know). But I am definitely going to venture out into print mixing.


  16. You look great (I’m sure even better in person) and whoever dude in the second to last pic is-DAMN. Straight or not, he’s sexy.

  17. Claire girl, your body is THE TRUTH and Wendell and those fine ass lips can GET IT, ANYTIME, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE. That is all.

  18. I like the look, although, Claire I don’t think its complete. I would have appreciated maybe a geometric style status neck piece. The white bag doesn’t really work for me. What’s screaming at me is the color yellow, so maybe a large status geometric style necklace with white and yellow. Then you could have incorporated that yellow w/ a clutch. The dress and shoes are both hot. But because of the lack of proper accessorizing it fall flat when I think of a fashion journalist.

  19. Hey! Thanks for coming along with me on my journey to take more fashionable risks! Duly noted with the silhouette. I tend to cling to pencil skirts, etc, but will try out some A-lines–why not? Thanks again for your support, have fab weekends Bombers and Bombshells. xoxo

  20. Claire, I love the look, but have you ever thought about doing something different with your hair? I’m not trying to offend you, but I don’t think the dreads suit you. Have you about doing a fro, or something different. Just a thought since it’s seems to come up over and over again in conversations with my friends and I. People may give me trouble for being so bold, but that’s me, I’d rather say something than not say anything at all:)

  21. Claire, stay you and keep rising. Thank you for taking us on your fashion journey.

  22. @thefashionistachic – You’re good. When I pictured that it definitely did take it up a notch

  23. Cynthia,
    Well I think Claire looks absolutely F-A-B with her dreads, so you can have several seats boo. I’m sure if Claire wore her hair relaxed, you won’t be asking such a silly question.

  24. Lola-I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions on my previous post. I definitely wasn’t thinking anything remotely close to relaxed hair, I wast still thinking something more natural besides the dreads. I don’t think it suits Claire one bit and I was simply giving my opinion. That’s your problem how ever you take the post:)

  25. I have to agree with Cynthia, the dreads are NOT the business and the colour as well. Totally loving the outfit and yes the fit is not great, but you look good dear

  26. Is that Wendell lissimore in the bleached denim shirt? Love that on him *pouting face*

  27. Love, love, love those darn shoes!! I also think a third color (i.e. yellow) would have set this off.

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