The other night, I was invited to a special advanced screening of Amanda Seales’s new HBO Comedy Stand Up Special, I Be Knowin’.

While most of you might know Amanda as Tiffany, the somewhat stuck up glamour girl on Insecure, I first met Amanda as Amanda Diva, years ago when she was on a show called Funny Style on BET.

Amanda has always been funny, always been unapologetically black, always been beautiful, but I Be Knowin seems to capture her essence completely. In the one hour comedy special she explains is geared towards Black Women, she, resplendent in African print accented by a salmon pink tank, discusses issues we all deal with, from corporate politics, to cat calling to white privilege–all in a hilariously uplifting way.

While watching I Be Knowin’, I laughed out loud several times, cheered, and joined her and the audience in singing several songs (including the Black National Anthem). Watch this with your girls–the special feels intimate yet universal, as Amanda touches on topics distinct to the black female experience in Trump’s America.

Be sure to check it out on HBO on January 26th (just a few days away), and let me know what you think!

For the night, I represented in a Black Panther tee from
I’m in LA! Stay tuned for snaps from the Sunshine State.
Images: Nyki Elle.