Hey Guys!
Tomorrow at midnight we’ll be waving goodbye to 2010, and saying hello to 2011! So much happened in this past year…I moved home from Paris, covered fashion weeks, and even tried a little on camera work. I’m setting my sights high for the new year…

….but before I dip into my resolutions, I have to take a look back at my goals for 2010.
They were to:
1. Take more fashion risks.

This year I stepped further away from J.Crew and cable knits, and moved confidently towards more prints, sparkles, and faux fur. I also indulged in trends like leopard, wedges, and bright lipsticks.

I made a conscious effort to experiment more with my makeup and rock out with poppin red, cherry glosses, and vampy hues.

2. Switch up my hairstyle.

2010 saw me sporting faux hawks, bumps, curls, and updos. In the end I realized I was too lazy for all that, so rounded out the year with an asymmetric short cut.

It works!
3. Get my travel on.

My frequent flyer status caused tons of confusion, and half the year I’m sure you guys didn’t know where in the world I was! From Atlanta to New York to Paris, I kept busy. This year I definitely want to travel more internationally, and even make a return trip to Asia.
4. Continue to expand The Fashion Bomb.

This year we debuted a new header, streamlined design, and implemented easier navigation. Thanks to you guys and your input, we’ve enjoyed one of our biggest years to date! Let’s hope things continue on the up and up!

That does it for 2010! For 2011, my main goals are to:
1. Wear more accessories.

This year I’m really going to fight my conservative tendencies and be more adventurous with jewelry. Cascading necklaces, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings–I’m there. The bigger the better.

2. Out with the old, in with the new.

This fall was the first time I sold my old bags and baubles on Ebay and used the proceeds to invest in new items. I’m traditionally a ‘more is more’ type fashionista, with a closet brimming over with items from years past (a lot being things I don’t wear). The new year will be all about minimizing and focusing on a few key pieces. It’s also about continuing to invest in my wardrobe–besides investment pieces retain value and demand high bids once I’m over them.
3. Attend more international fashion weeks.

I’ve been to London, Paris, and New York. It’s high time to see what Milan, Japan, and Africa have to offer!
4. Bring back Fashion Bomb TV!

Back in 2008 I tried my hand at shooting a bit of Real Style on camera, but when I moved to Paris the concept fell by the wayside. It’s not that Paris didn’t have great style–the language barrier would have made it difficult to bring the interview to life.

Now that I’m back in New York, it’s on! Hopefully we can create more professional videos and make the site more interactive. And I hope to share more of my life with you guys:)
At any rate, that does it for me!
What are some of your New Year’s Fashion Resolutions?