So I guess I’ve been losing weight? I began typing my name into Google the other day (it’s always good to check, amiright?), and one of the top ten search results was “Claire Sulmers Weight Loss.”

I’ll be honest: I cut out carbs not too long ago, and have been clinging to low carb (no pastas, rice, or breads), and I guess it’s working! What also works? I order pre prepared low carb meals from

The company has delicious dinners that have low preservatives, delivered weekly to your home. And while they do have yummy pasta (covered in delicious cheese), they also have salads, meals under 400 calories, low carb and no carb options!

I personally am not much in the kitchen, so this works for me! I order about 10 meals every Monday and eat it throughout the week. They deliver to your doorstep in New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta (for now) and are always expanding!

Get your eat on at

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